3 WEIRD Reasons Girls Fall in Love With You… (…even when You’re NOT her type) 

By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge
Creators of:  The Scrambler

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  1. aaron
    2 years ago

    holy shit… so true. Never thought about it that way, but the girls i got the most obsessed with were the ones that used to drive me crazy with hot and cold behavior. Like they were toying with me. And I knew it, but couldn’t help myself.

  2. rick d
    2 years ago

    good stuff guys. definitely agree with what you’ve said. And had a big “aha” listening to you explain the process of falling in love. gonna test this stuff out

  3. Ghostrider
    2 years ago

    Haha! Yup, too available fucked me over before I could fuck her all too often back in the day.
    But it taught me a valuable lesson. Women like a man with a purpose, with a passion. Now that I have SOOO much going on, I’m naturally too busy, with higher priorities, and don’t have to pretend!
    Cool shit dudes! Great advice. Learned soooo much from you both 🙂

  4. abubakar
    2 years ago

    Hello am just only one dat does not have girlfriend

  5. Jesus
    2 years ago

    What if it’s your ex from a year and seven months which you’ve been broken up with for about 8 months. Does this getting her to think about you constantly still work?

  6. Kevin
    2 years ago

    Jesus… let Judas go. He was an asshole.

  7. lenny
    1 year ago

    Dude, can’t agree more with all of this. I’ve been THAT guy obsessnig over a girl. Exactlky.

  8. Ryan
    1 year ago

    Sorry, but this is nothing but narcissism. Yes, I get it, you need to give someone space, and I don’t doubt that this works, but the one thing that this doesn’t include is any respect at all for what *they* want. If they want to see you and you’re keeping them at home because you’re selfish and you want to try to manipulate her emotions, then you’re essentially making yourself emotionally unavailable to someone who you supposedly care about.

    Maybe she’ll fall in love with you, but the truth is that putting someone up on a shelf and ignoring them is definitely NOT an expression of love. It’s close to emotional abuse if you ask me. Why would you do that to someone you care about? Whatever happened to just being yourself and being honest and genuine, and building a life together? I guarantee nobody ever looks back and says, “Hey, remember that time when you ignored me, wasn’t that great?”

    This video is nothing more than a recipe for a dysfunctional relationship.