#1 WEIRD Trait That Attracts Girls FAST

By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge
Creators of:  The Scrambler:  How to Score the Hard to Get Girl

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  1. Justin T
    5 years ago

    Good video.
    Tips for giving off the “I get laid vibe.”
    Don’t seek approval. Make her seek your approval instead.
    Don’t jump to do things she asks for or needs. Like buying her a drink or holding her purse.
    Don’t talk too much or ask boring questions trying to keep her attention.

  2. Doug
    5 years ago

    Very true about the cat and the string. Too bad it takes most men a lifetime to figure it out 😉

  3. Forrest
    5 years ago

    That was quite informative.
    and makes sense.

  4. Denver D'souza
    5 years ago

    i really do have a lot of girls chasing me ,but the point is that i go in for those girls who dont chase me , those are the ones to whom i wana get to , and i would be greatful if u give me one good punchline that would actually get the attention of these kinda girls !! apart from that u guys rock. thanks

  5. Mike
    5 years ago

    Best video I’ve seen in awhile.. short to the point (not just trying promote something) and really really good information!!

    I can see how I f**ded up several times and understand now, now to be able to force my self not to available right away..

    Oh btw it’s not cause I’m hard up, just end up liking them.. I’ve done pretty well thru online dating sites .. in the last 2 years slept with over 15 girls and even rejected about 5 that just wanted sex.. (Prior to that I slept with 2 girls)

    Also could u point me to video u were talking about at the end of this video


  6. Lamont Gillom
    5 years ago

    It’s true I stay busy as a result they try so much harder to get my attention, I don’t respond to my fb msg’s immediately…(I discovered on accident) & they all came out of the woodwork ’cause girls posted on my wall “why you don’t respond to me?”
    Ha ha ha

  7. Don Larson
    5 years ago

    You are a great guy, would love to hang sometime. This video was essential info. I was always boggled that when I had one girlfriend I had four but when I just needed one I found none. I’m starting to realize how superficial and unable women are to think for themselves. If the popular girl jumped off a cliff would the rest follow like Lemmings? Don

  8. sanjaykumar Gandhi
    5 years ago


  9. nirmz
    5 years ago

    Informative. I wish I had seen this a couple of months ago would have been on a different level with my ex. As they better late then never so thanks guys.

  10. Morris
    4 years ago

    I like it shows a lot things to look for

  11. Jorell Paloma
    4 years ago

    hi! guy,

    Thanks for the information you said and its a good lesson who came from looser, in relation rightnow i am learn in you,,, thanks

    from Philippines