#1 Way to Control A Girl’s Opinion of You

By Bobby Rio
Creator of: The Player’s Paradigm:  7 Mindsets to THINK Like a Player

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  1. nick d
    2 years ago

    This makes a lot of sense. I always wondered why some guys can get away with chump behavior. Because women already view them as players

  2. Donato Scipione
    2 years ago

    first impressions!

  3. polywan
    2 years ago

    Man who knew his treat or care his life for future , it is truly done with better response to act of life and changed the crucial work with woman

  4. carlo
    2 years ago


    I wish you would help me. I met this 20yr old who is lively, intelligent , good looking and a 9.5 / 10. I took her to dinner and she told me I made her feel comfortable and kissed me on the lips after dinner when saying goodbye. She has been on a dating site but hasnt replied to my last message and I havent sent her any more messages as I dont want to seem desperate and I dont quite know what to say to her.

    Can you help

  5. kbrom
    2 years ago

    i need to see her

  6. Rodney Burke
    2 years ago

    this is great and all for “girls” but how about mature women? say over 60? I’m sure they aren’t looking for the same things a “girl” of 21-30 is? Any advice?

  7. paul
    2 years ago

    regarding the other people comments on your video with rob – the content you provide and your advise are really good; it doesn’t matter for me how do you look in the video;
    thanks, paul.

  8. Rohit
    2 years ago

    I wish to get the methods to control the womans mindset

  9. Max
    2 years ago


  10. Jose
    2 years ago

    I don’t have hot girls around me. My style sucks. Work apparel is black, not too Standish. I am 5’1″, medium toned. I need improvement. Some girls act bitchy others don’t. How do I act as if I actually have a mind blowing sex life, when I don’t. I don’t even have serious phone numbers…it sucks
    I know it won’t be overnight considering I am already a cool guy. That’s not enough apparently. Confidence is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve had great success in certain areas where the moment seems to be cued right, now I know of distance from them to miss me and then playing the field, I always thought of bantering, I don’t know how? The girl at work is quite a treat, I want to arouse her, yet the workplace is always busy with exception of the mornings. Some of us have to struggle to get numbers or get laid. Other guys make it look so easy. I wanna apply the techniques while appearing different yet the same. I wanna cause impact. Thank you!