“The Inner Game of Success”

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  1. Norbert Mwombeki

    I want to be rich. Bcase am tired of limitations. .richness makes me happy

  2. Henry

    I need a real financial breakthrough strategy that gets result. Theres so many out there that doesnt work. Thanl you

  3. I would love to have money to be debt free

  4. l’m a great fan of Bobbies and hope he doesn’t stray from his core business he is so good at and fuck himself up.

  5. bardas

    Appreciate the sharing. Over the period of time I have benefited tremendously from the advise and reminders from Bobby regarding the dating game and women in general. As a pay off I suppose I now get so many emails from so may people selling so many programs — it’s actually mind boggling – the power of information technology….tools like email, social media tools, sms etc. etc.
    i just want million dollars per annum income ­čÖé ..i also appreciate josh palicer? if we all become badass as we are all supposed to be then all women will become unattractive. that’s at least my problem, most after some interactions turn out to be brainless insecure all the same women ;(
    thanks, bardas from chicago

  6. David Enslin

    I’m a previous client and member,

    Bobby please would you send me the scrambler. I’m having some serious difficulty bagging some girls that know my history as a player.I desire them in my bed, one at a time or all at once I’m not bothered.But I want to ignite something in them and break down those barriers. Thanks for the download.

  7. Sidd

    Right now I’m struggling in many parts of my life. I am 24 years old living with my parents, barely keeps jobs. I am also a virgin I’m not good with women at all. I also don’t eat healthy, I always have brain fogs. I want to be an entrepreneur open my own car rental company, help my family financially, date or marry beautiful girl.

  8. I have not seen this interview as yet but I am looking forward to doing so as it would be nice to be able to afford some needed life style changes.

  9. Christopher Rewers

    Looking forward to reading this material.

  10. Victor

    Bobby gracias por compartirnos ├ęsto, definitivamente el tema debe ser parte de la formaci├│n integral de cualquier hombre, y este podcast es la piedra angular de lo que ser├í con toda seguridad una valiosa aportaci├│n a toda la comunidad de TSB, me encuentro en el mismo camino que ustedes y siempre se agradecen ├ęste tipo de charlas donde se refuerzan varios conceptos previos. PD (i┬┤m sure u understand all this because u just said u r learning spanish)

  11. Michael Sherwin

    Awesome podcast guys. It helped reinforce that I was on the right track. Lots of good advice. Thanks for showing me that I am on the right track and that I am going places. You guys rock thanks again.

  12. rick d

    Bobby, i know you’ve mentioned that you’ve done some real estate investing. i’d love to learn more about that.

  13. stephen

    Great stuff guys

    can you elaborate on the opportunities available online? like what if we cant be a coach? is there other stuff we can sell?

  14. Allen Michaels

    Hmmmmm. Thanks for the info and the great questions! They really made me think.

    Any way to see the answers I put into the questionaire? I thought there would be a summary page. It’s a mind blowing experience, and very eye opening to answer those questions honestly.


  15. Good stuff. Just what i need right now. Good as your pick up stuff is, i actually get more from your life stuff. I think because you are result focussed.keep it up !

  16. Matt

    Money buys my happiness every day of the week.

  17. Money buys me happiness every day of the week!

  18. Sibusiso

    Bobby u got game u have fine tuned my game in a number of ways and u have a lot more insight when IT comes to women u are the real James Bond in my view

  19. Mike

    How to spot a soft spot in the market to maximize business potential?
    how to garner seed money for the enterprise?

  20. I need more money and a good woman. I like Bobies advise

  21. Justin

    Awesome pod cast Guys, the thing I find most difficult is finding somewhere to invest the little money I have left over each week witch is about $20 to $50 dollars if I’m lucky… I’m in Australia and can’t find a compounding interest account like Tony Robins talks about witch would be very helpful, if there’s anywhere else u would recommend putting such a small amount were it would grow exponentially would be grateful to know.
    Cheers Justin.

  22. Dave

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for such a great podcast! I completely identified with the topics and have been thinking of making a blog videos and writing as I absolutely enjoy helping others writing and 100% believe we can benefit from our life’s experience by sharing what we know or what we have lived through (lessons).

    I was wondering if you could make an episode about actually implementing some of the stuff. I know bobby talked about wanting to talk about doing exercises and you did touch on some things like searching google and doing steps at a time with a blog, making a product, etc.

    But, one question I believe many of us have is, I want better out of life..there’s gotta be more to life. I am sure you two have had the same thoughts. Is there any advice you can give to us who have the same thoughts and are not doing something we love and want more out of life, but stuck on where to start to begin changing our lives..maybe something that started you on the path to success? Any advice that you’d tell yourself at that point in your life?

    Thanks so much for this guys, it really spoke to me!

  23. Jelani Brathwaite

    I’m having trouble finding out what i LOVE i have done things i liked but it only provided temporary fulfillment how do you ascess yourself to find out what you love doing that is what i would like to see on your next podcast

  24. Paul

    Hey Bobby and Chris, very motivating podcast here, looking forward to future ones. For an idea for a future show, this relates to a problem I have in achieving this goal, is breaking away from a job that pays the bills to a career that money is secondary on top of what you do. I the audio you guys talked about quitting what makes you conferrable and actually starting what you want to do in life. What I’m pursuing I incredibly hard to get in unless you know right people. So for me I have to stand out and get notice more than the others. So my question is with what I have now, what are ways, mindsets or tactics that can help me get more noticed in the professional world?

  25. Adam

    Definitely want to hear more about waking up early and morning rituals. I’ve heard you talk about it and i tried it a few years ago, but I just love sleeping in. I know I am being a little weakling about it but I think its time in my professional life to actually commit to it.

  26. How do I get out of the friend-zone & keep away from it?

  27. Cj

    Here’s my question, what’s the best way to generate new leads for qualified customers?

  28. John

    Looking to hear more what you have,great imfo…

  29. todd andros

    looks like an interesting program.

    im looking forward 2 learning on how 2 do that.

  30. jake

    Motivation is one of the things I struggle most with. I believe in the law of attraction and have a pretty good idea of how most things work in this world. However, motivation is just one thing I cannot seem to overcome and conquer.. I know what to do and how to do things but getting to it is very difficult. Procrastination has always been an issue for me since I was a child and I just never learned good habits and how to control it. I guess I’m not sure what you would be able help with but if there is anything it would really help change my life for the better! Thank you!

  31. carl

    what is the most effective way to change the mid set of a person who has been scared from a early age and is full of bitterness, and have a problem with trusting people, really would rather to be happy than depress but then the environment that one lives in also causes you to have your guard up at all times

  32. Facu

    Great podcast Bobby! Im on your Aff list, so please keep sending this gems to that list too!
    I would love to about your recommended books about financial and personal development. Not only the ones that teach you how to think, maybe the more technical ones.

    Also I would like to know what kind of investments did you tested and/or recommend. Bonds? What return are they making? 6% More technical info will be great.