Why Being “Shameless” Gets You Laid

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of:  Make Her Horny with Humor



THIS Makes Humor Seductive

Let me ask you…

What do all guys who get laid a lot have in common?

Let me tell you…

They’re shameless

Most guys communicate their desire through shameful sheepishness.

But shamelessness is the audacity to go where most guys won’t, and what sets you apart from the heard.

“Okay, the high heels are totally working. Consider me seduced.”

Is something 99% of guys would never say to a woman that they find attractive.

And that is exactly why it WORKS.

Here’s why being shameless is so effective:

– it interrupts her pattern and gets her paying attention to you

– it immediately separates you from 90% of the “nice guy” head nodders out there.

– it allows you to get sexual in a bold and confident way

– it makes you unpredictable (and women LOVE unpredictable guys)

– it allows her to get comfortable around you (since you’re assuming rapport)

Chris D, who writes for TSB, was telling me how he couldn’t understand why when he was doing standup comedy, that the women in the audience seemed all about him and would be throwing themselves on him after the show…

But when he was at a bar or party talking to a girl he couldn’t get that same reaction out of a girl.

And then it hit him, on stage he’d usually say something shocking or sexual because he knew that’s what would capture an audience’s attention.

But around a girl he was attracted to he’d shy away from that kind of humor..

Then one day he was talking to a girl, stopped the conversation  and said, “Seriously, if you’re going to keep undressing me with  your eyes, the least you can do is buy me a drink.”

It was actually a line he used to deal with hecklers on stage,  but just changing the tone to something fun and flirty made  all the difference.

Rob Judge and I actually developed a formula for quickly creating humor that gets a woman horny… FAST

Shamelessness is just one ingredient…

Discover the entire formula here.