#1 Secret to Using Humor to Get Girls

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of:  Make Her Horny with Humor



The Right Way to Use Humor

Today I want to talk about why being funny gets you laid.

And why most guys get humor completely WRONG.

The characteristic of being a ‘funny guy’ doesn’t  automatically make you more attractive.

Its essential you add one important ingredient.

What is that ingredient?

The RIGHT subtext.

So, what exactly is ‘sub text?’

Subtext is the undertone, the unsaid, it’s what a girl reads between the lines.

Subtext is everything you’re saying about yourself… without actually saying it.

It’s the image you portray and that women will judge you on.

And make no mistake; women are experts at picking up on this… they’re consistently analyzing and interpreting everything about you.

So a guy who is wearing a rolex is saying, “I’m the kind of guy who can afford a $5000 watch. I’m the kind of kind who appreciates nice things.”

Think of everything that comes out of your mouth the same way. There are the words you’re actually saying… and then There’s what you’re saying about yourself that’s what she is picking up on.

That’s how she sees you.

And THIS is where most guys mess up.

There “subtext” is all wrong.

Take humor for example…

A joke serves 2 purposes

1. To make a girl laugh (which releases all those endorphins that get them feeling sexually excited)

2. To display social intelligence or other high status traits

HOWEVER most guys get humor completely wrong, and not only is it not helping them get laid, it’s actually working against them, and turning girls off

Take a guy who makes this type of joke:

“What’s the different between a Ferrari and a pile of dead babies? I don’t have a pile of dead babies in my garage”

Now, the woman may giggle… or more likely make a nervous laugh.

But the subtext of that joke is that you’re kind of creepy and a bit immature.

A joke like that does not bring you any closer to sex.

Now take a joke like this:

“I’m kind of over clubs, I mean, they’re all just dark places where they serve alcohol and Levels is playing, right?” is an observation.

An observation demonstrates your understanding of gender and social subtleties, and works so well because you actually come off as an alpha male, who understands and owns his environment.

Even better when you can make it sexual and raise the tension;

“I was going to wear a v neck shirt, but I really didn’t want you staring at my cleavage all night.”

That joke was packed with positive subtext:

– you’re the type of guy who knows how to flirt
– you’re the type of guy comfortable with sexuality
– you’re not the boring PG “nice guy”

Now, there is actually an “art” to creating these types of observations and jokes.

And more importantly, there is a formula for slowly escalating your jokes towards an intense sexual vibe.

Discover the exact formula on this page.