#1 Technique to Creating Massive Sexual Tension with a Girl (even if she only sees you as a friend)

By Chris Anderson & Rob Judge
From: Automatic Seduction

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  1. LES
    2 years ago

    get to the frecking point, will ya?

  2. alaa
    2 years ago

    Good stuff, awesome.

  3. Charlie Pinelo
    2 years ago

    that make more comfidence

  4. Adam
    2 years ago

    Good info.

  5. Claire
    2 years ago

    Great video, thank you.

    2 years ago

    No comment yet

  7. Dale Petersen
    2 years ago

    Great information. I always feel tense when around women. but maybe I can just take a breath and let the girl speak first.

  8. Jacket Chen
    2 years ago

    I want to learn the method which can make the hot girl crazy

  9. Alan
    2 years ago


  10. Frank
    2 years ago

    That was a great point about ‘the tension’ or the ‘eye contact lasting only ONE SECOND longer than absolutely necessary’.
    That’s it ! Bam !!
    Your work is done in that instant ! And she will not miss it. It will send ripples of attraction right through her.
    It’s as if there’s an electric charge now in the atmosphere, as if you’ve transmitted to her that you are all she wants in a man.
    However, when the air is thick with the expectation that there is about to be a brattle of thunder and a flash if lightning it would be such a waste of the tension if the ‘ thunder and lightning ‘ didn’t actually come. So, actually doing something in the tension is crucial. Ask her for coffee immediately or for a date . . . while the tension is still in the air . . . and . . .
    . . . well, girls like tension too !!!
    This sexual tension is ‘life itself’ . . . metaphorically and literally . . . especially because of what it leads to . . .

    Great video !

  11. Buddy
    2 years ago