Jedi Mind Trick to Eliminate Neediness

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of:  The Player’s Paradigm: 7 Mindsets to Get Laid
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Whether you’re in a relationship or playing the field, appearing needy is the absolute worst attraction killer when it comes  to women.

You call or text too much. You’re too agreeable. You don’t stand  up for yourself.

You’re always willing to drop everything for her.

You smother her with attention.

You’re always seeking validation.

…and she’s feeling less and less attraction for you by  the second.

What’s the cause of this behavior? Fear. More specifically, a fear of losing.

The reason you act so needy all the time is because you’re so afraid of losing the girl.

You feel like you can’t let go because the second you do, she’ll bolt for the hills. But what you don’t realize is that the more you give into that fear, and the tighter you try and hold on, the more she wants to run.

It’s like a JEDI mantra;

“Only when you let go of the fear of loss, will you stop losing.”

Read it again.

And again.

(Learn a mindset that eliminates your fear on this page.)

That’s the trick for guy’s who are CONSTANTLY sleeping with hot girls and have them begging for more. It’s not that they know for sure that they’re going to win, they’re just not afraid to lose.

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Kill your fear to lose, step outside of your comfort zone and learn to take risks, and you will instantly transform your success with women.