Why Girls NEVER Fall for Nice Guys… (And What to Do Instead)

By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge
Co-creators of: The Scrambler

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  1. carl
    5 years ago

    There was a time when I used to worry about this sort of thing. I was in a permanent friend zone because I was not a bad boy who treated girls like crap. All my life, women have been interested when they wanted (a) money or (b) protection when the relationship with their latest psycho bad-boy boyfriend goes pear shaped. Then, one day, I realised that women were not worth the effort. Seriously, not worth the effort. My epiphany came when I remembered the first principle of military tactics, which is to fight only the battles that you know you are going to win. If women want the bad boys who have nothing more than a minimum-wage job and welfare housing to offer, then they can have them. They deserve each other.
    What is the difference between sex and masturbation? Five seconds after you ejaculate . . . not much . . . and you get to keep your house and your superannuation, nor will you be subject to ruinous child support payments that will be used to support her lifestyle with her new bad-boy boyfriend.
    I took my seven-figure net worth, Mensa IQ, karate belt, military medals and TV presenter looks and voice and left the game. A person can take only so much frustration, disappointment and heartbreak before they pull the shutters down and turn out the lights.

  2. mark h
    5 years ago

    Such Great advice. Wish I had known this secret a long long tiome ago. Thanks guys.

  3. corey
    5 years ago

    Great video and very informative in most parts, particularly how easy it now sounds to capture the interest of girls. But when using the analogy of ‘leaving a trail of breadcrumbs’ what happens when the breadcrumbs run out? Sure it seems great to constantly leave the woman in a state of awe and admiration each passing day you both are not around. But will she not eventually get fed up and bored, thinking this is becoming more of a game than anything? and sure if you succeed with the highly recognised ‘one night stand’ what then? most girls will see that as game over, time to move on and look for another potential mate.

  4. derek
    5 years ago

    I agree with Carl and anyone that thinks we hate women with the comments we make has the problem themselves as well. We don’t hate women we just fed up with being there for women and not getting recognized for it but instead being that door mat and finally standing up for ourselves interesting thing is when we do this and keep in mind that looking hungry we will not get fed women of quality have an innate sense of our strength and so have that interest in us we just have to stay the course and live for yourselves and not others with the understanding that this does not mean that we treat other like shit instead we don’t treat ourselves like shit…

  5. Justin
    5 years ago

    Ouch Carl… You need some serious work buddy. What you should’ve done is learn how to play the game instead of taking your ball and going home. Nobody will miss you being alone. But you will miss everybody being alone. There’s always time and you’re never too old to reinvent yourself. I used to get the 7’s easily but always had a hard time getting the 9’s and 10’s. I’ve now dated extremely beautiful women… And I’m still the nice guy I always was, I just learned to tweak my behavior to cool but not too nice so that I look needy of approval…

  6. Marvin
    5 years ago

    Carl…. you need to get back in buddy.
    I’m with you man. I almost quit. I’ve been studying and practicing 7 days a week for 6 months… approached 450 girls and still am nowhere close to where I wanna be. BUT, i will not give up. I don;t care if it takes me 10 years to be good with girls… I will succeed. If you don’t get this handled, you will have that in the back of your mind for the rest of your life. Don’t see this process as “being good with girls”… see it as “becoming a stronger man”.

  7. Don in Taiwan
    5 years ago

    Hi Bobby. Never got any bad advice from you. Thanks again. I tell girls in this culture they look good cause most guys are too scared to. I’m careful how I deliver it. They like it a lot cause people are taught to keep their feelings inside in this culture . I turn up the “you look great, but I don’t need it “vibe.I communicate self amusement and independence to get away with not coming across as being a beggar.I say it just as I would to a buddy that dresses sharp for a night out. Very casual and out of the blue and carry on as normal.
    I found the best time to flirt is when I have been recently laid. Females sense it subconsciously or maybe because you truly don’t need it and your body language is different. When it rains, it pours . Everyone likes recognition. But you and Mr Judge are spot on. As cruel and unfair as it may seem sometimes, the hungry don’t get fed. Lesson learned. Thanks you guys. D.

  8. Russ
    5 years ago

    Good advice.

  9. MedMan
    5 years ago

    My daughter told me a while back that checking texts are a way guys use to track them. It’s a control thing. Avoid people like that at all costs.

  10. stephen buck
    5 years ago

    Yes true humor has a strong undertow of subliminal messages that go straight to a woman’s brain. Getting her laughing can be tricky enough but how can you tell when she’s laughing with you or at you? It can take a genius to know the difference considering how good women can be at fooling men. Multi level humor is an advanced skill and can be tricky to learn. Telephone conversation seduction skills are important too. I would love some advice on how to make really good first impressions in all areas of my life including first time telephone calls. Cheers, Stephen.

  11. a dude
    5 years ago

    What do I do if the girl is not interested in me? Easy, I leave her be. She is not worth the effort and time. I only go for girls who are at least nice.

  12. Nathan
    5 years ago

    HAHAHA! I just made this mistake recently! Now I feel good that I know what I Isis wrong and to try to catch myself before I EVER do it again. Thanks abunch guys I’m gonna buy your program!

  13. Chris
    5 years ago

    I don’t agree with this. Monitoring yourself to make sure you’re not looking hungry is not enjoying the moment and is very time wasting. Instead of trying to cover up your “Hunger” with techniques because you’re there to “get a girl” change your purpose of why your there. Changing it to I’m here to have a great time and chill with my friends sounds Much better than ” OK, girls don’t like guys who look hungry so I must put all my effort and all my energy on NOT looking hungry. This is a very Preventive approach Instead of a Positive one. Be there to have a good time and when girls become a part of it it won’t be all weird.

    – A 16 year old

  14. Rino
    5 years ago

    Im not even gonna waste my time reading Carl’s or anyone else’s comments. I almost read a couple and stopped.
    Every since I’ve been listening to these guys I’ve got more hot chicks than I know what to do with. I was hanging out with three girls last weekend in my raft. A 11, a 9 and a 7. They are all texting me and I’m not acting desperate or hungry. Bobby and Rob are awesome and they’re totally right!!
    Thanks for all the advice and I truly don’t mind supporting u guys!!!
    Thanks again!
    Keep the girls hungry and let them chase u!!
    Ps. Out of the last 5 girls I’ve hooked up with in the last 3 months, 3 of them have been models at some point!
    This sh!ts real

  15. Manny
    5 years ago


  16. Nick Boulton
    5 years ago

    Hey guys, just wanted to compliment you guys on your delivery, and your videos in general.

    Any guy that needs help with meeting women need to seriously listen to these guys. As a male who never really HAS issues getting the girl, I can tell you that everything I’ve ever heard these guys say is the damn truth. I’ve heard a lot of different names for these concepts I’ve heard them talk about, but it’s all the same in essence.

    Give em a try. I nearly guarantee you’ll learn something big.

  17. DJ R.E.D.
    5 years ago


  18. ShaneC
    5 years ago

    cant wait to try out ,thanks guys

  19. Ben
    5 years ago


    I gotta say that guys like you are pathetic. Why lower yourself to be something you’re not just to get sex. I truly believe that if you be yourself, are confident and genuine around girls, the right girl will come along. I know it’s hard to believe, but there are actually nice attractive girls out there that like respectful and genuine guys. Don’t be fake or manipulative to women.