5 Steps To Getting Over Your Ex Girlfriend

breakupYou’re still thinking about HER…

You know, that special girl who left you, broke up with you… Or worse…

The girl who cheated on you or quickly replaced you with some douchebag…

Sure, this happens, and usually you don’t let this kind of stuff bother you… But there is something about this girl that getting to you… She’s on your mind, you’re hanging on her every word and random sh*#! Keeps reminding you of her.

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STEP #1: Don’t Panic

It’s your brain chemistry.

Heartbreak, edginess and those stubborn thoughts of her is just your brain chemistry f*#!ing with you.

Not very romantic sounding, but true.

Studies have shown that breaking up has the same effect on the brain as a drug withdrawal.

Of course its not all just chemical… But as long as your brain is out of wack, you’re not going to “see straight”…

It’s usually during or right after a break up when men do or say something to either give their power away or they act out of desperation to get her back… Which just makes things worse…

So now is the time NOT to call her, text her or see her. Or make any big decisions…Get some healthy distance from all the emotions first.

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 STEP #2: Stop Idealizing Her

Let’s face it… Your “ex” girlfriend wasn’t  THAT awesome…

Sure, maybe she was one of the hottest girls you’ve dated… Or you and her had a special connection and a history together.

And at first its almost impossible not to want all of those things back…

But if you think that getting back with her will solve all your problems and make you feel like yourself again… It’s not that simple.

Remind yourself that who is she really was vs. what your fantasy is different.

While you and her might still have a shot in the future, the break up happened for a reason.

So catch yourself when you put her on too much of a pedestal.

STEP #3: Overcome The Painful Emotions

Being heartbroken sucks.

There’s nothing worse than that feeling in your chest and walking around in a daze thinking about your ex girlfriend…

Break ups can really put you in a dark place, they can drain your confidence and put your entire life on hold…

So before anything else take a breather and get some distance from all the overwhelming emotions…

This is how you get your power back, and this way you don’t spend months hung up on her (like many guys do).

Once you aren’t SO attached to her anymore… It’s far more likely you’ll get another shot with her.

STEP #4: Get Clear On If She Was Right For You

After you’ve gotten over her and you’re feeling fine without her… Then you can really get clear on whether she was really right for you.

Because the only thing worse than a painful breakup, is being in a relationship that’s holding you back or making you feel worse about yourself.

So ask yourself, if you got back together with her would things be different this time around?

Or will history keep repeating itself?

STEP #5: Make Your Next Move

So, if you still think she’s right for you… Now that you’re over her and you can take her or leave her, she’s going to be mysteriously attracted to this “new you”.

You’re next move is just having the right approach. Depending on how distant she has become, whether or not you and her are still friends or if she’s with another guy…

It’s all about having the right strategy.

On the other hand, if you DON’T think she’s right for you.

If you’ve spent a few weeks completing STEP #3 then congradulations, you’re over the break up. Now what you do next is up to you…

Option #1: You can get some closure with her if you want to get some answers.

Option #2: Keep her in your life as a friend, and seduce her back again for “friends with benefits”

Option #3: Move on and don’t look back. Now is time to really start enjoying the benefits of single life and the excitement of meeting new women.

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