3 “Nice Guy” Mistakes That Instantly Turn a Girl Off…

By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge
Best TIP: How to Score that Hard to Get Girl

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  1. arnold
    3 years ago

    haha i got fooled by John Cusak movies too. thanks for the video guys.


  2. TOM
    3 years ago

    These guys are like mad scientisits of the seduction scene, I love video like this. I agree so much about what the Bobby says about sending flower to a girl employer, I did it once and it was so bad for me that I was embarrassed and didnt want to see her again.

  3. Braddy
    3 years ago

    THANKS GUY! I got the Unlock course yesterday and am reading about the scrambler, great stuff so far!

  4. Justin
    3 years ago

    Haha! Yup, too available fucked me over before I could fuck her all too often back in the day.
    But it taught me a valuable lesson. Women like a man with a purpose, with a passion. Now that I have SOOO much going on, I’m naturally too busy, with higher priorities, and don’t have to pretend!
    Cool shit dudes! Great advice. Learned soooo much from you both 🙂

  5. Chris
    3 years ago

    This video needs to be archived for eternity, so us dudes can come back and watch from time to time to commit these words of wisdom to memory. Superb advice! Right on every level.

  6. Matt
    3 years ago

    Wish I had watched this a year ago when I made all of the above mistakes and turned the love of my life into the one that got away.

  7. jesus
    3 years ago

    yes no doubt about the girl does not need to know your naked feelings
    or all the love you are feeling for her ‘ i
    instead i enjoy bringing them down theirs pedestal ‘ .
    some how. in a challenging way , .. but that,s my personal op every girl is different .

  8. John
    3 years ago

    Another great video. These should be obvious things us guys should know to avoid but we constantly do them. I’m guilty of showing my feelings to soon. Thanks to Bobby and Rob for bring these and many, many other valuable pieces of info to us.

  9. Strenue
    3 years ago

    John Cusack. Who is that sad guy? Oh wait, me…thanks guys!

  10. John Donohue
    3 years ago

    I have never commented before but this time I will.
    You made a very smart decision to tell us that your video was 10 mins long. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON I WATCHED IT. I will NOT watch videos of indeterminate length. I am too busy and paid way too much an hour to do so. Please tell Josh Pelicur or whatever his name is as this is KEY to getting your content viewed in our instant Internet society. This is my ONLY reason for sending this email, but I’ll continue as these electrons are free.
    I boil your message down to ‘treat ‘em like shit’ (more or less) and my very hot, God’s gift to mankind, Wonderful human being, best person in the world step-daughter could not agree more when I tell my son this lesson of life. I am 60 years old and I’ve been thru the mill and around it. Whether you like my “boiled down” assessment of what works or not is OK by me. MY MESSAGE is don’t bother posting videos that don’t say how long they are: only an idiot will watch them. Hopefully, that is not your target audience.
    I do think it’s OK to send your wife flowers at work, but she better be at least your wife. I never sent flowers to any girl at work, not even my ex-wife, but I have hand delivered them to several including her, always with excellent results ‘cuz, hey, girls like flowers.
    I think that continuing to say how long your videos are will get them watched and congratulations on realizing this fact. – JD

  11. JC
    3 years ago

    Wow, wow, wow. Done all of the three. Great info guys. After all these mistake have been done, can this be turned around

  12. Robert
    3 years ago

    This was a very useful information,thanks dude, all of your videos really helps me

  13. Lord Julius
    3 years ago

    I got a girl coming over right now, when not even two days ago she was like I hate you, I didn’t give her the attention she wanted when she throw a tantrum. Now she’s like I’m sorry I make it up to you and cook you dinner and be the dessert! Winning!!! Great stuff!

  14. Reid
    3 years ago

    Now that I think about it I have been making a lot of those mistakes, no wonder things haven’t worked out as I’d hoped lately. Thanks for explaining why it doesn’t work.

  15. Randy
    3 years ago

    I have committed all three of these with almost every woman I have wanted. Well needless to say I am still single. Great video. I just didn’t now any better.

  16. Jacob Reehl
    3 years ago

    Great info guys! I have a girlfriend but still, it is best not to make these mistakes even if you do. Looking forward to more videos!

  17. Chris
    3 years ago

    Thanks guys. This is good stuff. I actually have done the whole flower deal and you guys are correct…it gets you nowhere. Also being too available and all that stuff… I’m actually working on that now. I feel like I need to be more unavailable but it’s a working progress.

  18. Erich
    3 years ago

    Right on guys! Definitely making a lot of sense and I’ve made these mistakes for sure, toxic stuff!

  19. El Capitain
    3 years ago

    Bobby Rio and Rob Judge: Excellent video. Very informative, and oh so very true!!! I wish I knew this many many years ago….. To be honest many years ago, I made the “mistakes” of stopping by her work and bringing a flower, sending flowers to another’s work, and even picking a bunch in a park, for another…. No, I did NOT sneak into a cemetery and steal them off of a grave. Lol.
    I even did this a 4th time because this one chick from some eastern European country, forgot her name, insisted that she “loves romance”… LMAO. Each one of these broads were different, but all were at least 7′s or 8s (Above average looking). The outcome? Each one of them stopped texting me within 24 hrs. Before the flowers? constantly…… I am a great looking guy, with a ton of confidence, but that one simple action DESTROYED any sexual desire these women had for me.
    Even women whom I had been with sexually.. For example: I decided to have a few drinks and boom, told her my feelings, as I figured she had “earned the right” to know after awhile”… Once again, her, “Chasing the prize” went to “Avoiding at all costs”… immediately after telling her that “Yeah I like you, and you seem like a keeper.”
    I can understand that if you have been with a chick for many years in a long term gig, or a marriage, and it’s her birthday or Valentines day, ok fine.. A girl finding you attractive is not going to happen by you being a pushover and a “nice boy” Take that programming that mama taught you and FORGET it!! Especially if she is “above average” looking.
    ***** FYI : To the poster John Donohue : You should get your facts straight, on what you are talking about. Most of what you said is complete nonsense. I lol when I read your comments. You’re 60, and you still do not understand these concepts? This video should be your reality check toots. Yes I called you toots. I guarantee that if you would have played it cool, and not given your power away to women, they would have still been interested in you… Unless of course, they had the self esteem of a walrus…… Once again, great work to Bobby and Rob.. True facts….

  20. Andrew Gilby
    3 years ago

    Great video. But here are three toxic mistakes when making a video.
    1. get a better bit rate for compression.
    2. Never have music louder then then a character talking.
    3. choose clothing that doesn’t cause aliasing

  21. Allen
    3 years ago

    Wow! Am I ever guilty of all three mistakes.you can bet that I’ll never be caught screwing up like that ever again. Thanks! Who could have known that these natural considerations could kill all that you had worked for.


  22. Mark
    3 years ago

    hey bobby and rob,
    enjoyed your video good info I had already pick up this advice from making small talk sexy. that said this is an easy trap to fall back into. well worth hearing again, vitally important for when you find the one that’s “different” from all the others. thanks keep them coming.

  23. Taz
    3 years ago

    Very good video u guys, but i have to point out something very important though..
    The “Verbal declaration of feelings” is damn bad for ur success indeed, but u guys said “ur feelings are always cheating u”, that’s not entire true, at least for non neediness feelings.
    U see, emotions are contagious as u may know (there are some reference’s from David Tian and his Desire Program, and Mario Luna in his Apocalipsex’s book), so with that said, if u are feeling lust for a girl, all ur verbal (sometimes…but is much better teasing and banter though) and non verbal comunication should reinforce what are u feeling and then that emotion u re feeling is somehow “transfered” to the other person.
    Being very honest with ur feelings and taking action (being congruent) is extremely attractive for girls.
    I think u guys intended to say that whatever u are feeling that doesn’t help u to scalate with a girl, is a toxic mistake, like feeling she is so hot, or she is the one, or that she is girlfriend material, etc…
    Just a minor aclaration, very good video still, i like how honest and humble Bob is in all of his videos and mails (just a compliment ^^).

  24. Uwe Paschek
    3 years ago

    I have to fess up, I have made all three mistakes a few times, but as of today ,its not gonna happen again, I’m learning, thanks Guys, for giving me a different perspective , I feel like I’ve been living in a box of my own creation,Time to beak out, lead the way boys, Ha Ha

  25. Alex
    3 years ago

    Yeh the third reason really is the most important! Dont be to available or it seem you just been waiting for her to text etc lol!

  26. Medman
    3 years ago

    Guily on all three counts. Wish I knew that when I was with THE one that got away.

  27. Per Diemer
    3 years ago

    I agree on most points and I generally love your stuff, but I have to point one thing out. Flowers aren’t always bad. I’ve send flowers to different girl at their work two times with great results, but… we were already dating and there was an occassion – birthdays. They were at that time unsure about my commitment, and those flowers made the right point at the right time. But agreed – I could not have started an affair that way. Flowers for special occasions on the other hand are a good way to consolidate a relationship.

  28. Martin
    3 years ago

    Useful info!

  29. Clayton
    3 years ago

    Hollywood Myths:
    1. Flowers at work – from a “secret admirer”.
    2. Spilling your guts on the first date – to invoke compassion.
    3. Being Mr. Dependable – Mr.Desperate & Needy!!
    It’s like Smoking to CURE Lung Cancer!!
    I’m 46 – I’ve got a 33 year old women chasing after me because I’m NOT sitting on her doorstep like a lost puppy.
    Just so you know – I’m hoping to marry her one day – but I can’t give the game away too quickly.
    And yes – she brought home made cookies to my house last week.
    Thanks Brothers

  30. hdbro
    3 years ago

    classic information … have done all of these with the results you would imagine!

  31. samuel
    3 years ago

    Hey Rio, This is Samuel from New Orleans, I’m commenting because i’m so thankful for the messages, blogs, and videos u get the time to put up on here and that its not a total waste. Haven’t check out your SCRAMBLER just yet but I bet its great. and thanx again!!!

  32. alexander
    3 years ago

    Just a quick comment about your video, You guys hit the target! Excellent and under 11 minutes. Keep up the good work and Thanks. Alex.

  33. Andy
    3 years ago

    Awesome video

  34. Phil
    3 years ago

    “The boyfriend card is the trump card you must keep in your back pocket and NEVER USE!!”
    LOL… Priceless!

  35. EngWelaz
    3 years ago

    cool stuff buddies….cant wait for more

  36. Darius
    3 years ago

    I think if you are in a relationship with a girl then sending her flowers at work will make her melt. At least that’s what’s happened before.

  37. anthony almeida
    3 years ago

    yep, if you’ve been in a relationship with a girl, slept with her multiple times, and have the upper hand in the relationship she’ll love it. But if SHE has the upperhand and you do this. It won’t go over well.

  38. ben
    3 years ago

    what you said it is very true i personaly senn it happen with friends Than you guys your advice is the best

  39. ryan
    3 years ago

    1st one a lie i send flowers to my girl at work and we been together for 7 years now and i still get my girl wet so really you guy know fuck all

  40. Bobby Rio
    3 years ago

    Guy above me,
    Sending your girlfriend of 7 years flowers is perfectly fine. This video is for guys sending flowers to a girl’s work that they’re barely dating.

  41. Curly's wife
    3 years ago

    This has to be one of the most sexist ‘how to’ videos I’ve ever seen

  42. Josh
    3 years ago

    I don’t have a huge problem with the first two, but that last one was a real eye opener. You guys are great, and I can’t wait to hear more from you.

  43. Robert
    3 years ago

    Just realized now what actually has made my last relationship end so tragically: she managed to rip me away from my ideals!
    Thanks, guys!

  44. reegs
    3 years ago

    goddamnit. if i had seen this fucking video like one and a half months earlier i would have been fine. UGHHHHHHHHH. but thanks for the awesome perspective. much love for the great advice.

  45. Tyler
    3 years ago

    HAH. Guys… Stop being such weak people. Gender is completely taken out of this. I feel like if a girl came up to me with this kind of attitude, I would reject her for lack of confidence. Likewise, I would expect any girl to reject me if I had this mindset about me… There is no “us VS them” women are people… men are people… Has it ever occurred to you guys that women are just people that want to be talked to like regular people? I mean, i’m no pick up artist, nor do I claim to be; however, I feel like I have at least had some meaningful relationships based on the fact that we understood each other as people and that we broke up because circumstances didn’t allow or that we were just not right for each other. Stop reading so much into people… Just relax and chill out. I’m still single but I feel like it’s probably a better attitude than being desperate and clingy trying to claim justification by making these videos.

  46. zaviere
    3 years ago

    the only important fact in this video is not showing your feelings too soon, but that isn’t even 100% because I’ve been in a situation where i met a women and we started dating two after we met and it was one of the best relationships I’ve ever had so not all women are like this but these days 85% are which is sad

  47. Brandan
    3 years ago

    I think you’re giving guys the wrong idea about relationships, that it’s a power dynamic that can be thwarted and that you or she can be the one showing up at work with flowers for you or cookies to impress you, etc and that these are “mistakes”. I think one of the main reasons guys don’t get laid is because of videos like this that get inside their heads too much. Maybe you should’ve had some realer advice like, “Be yourself.” Girls like guys who are confident enough to show who they are instead of manufacturing an image to capture beauty. You also shouldn’t be interested in a girl simply for her vagina, nor perpetuate the idea that friendship and sex are isolated components of different types of relationships. Physically intimate and romantic relationships thrive when there is a since of friendship, so your entire philosophy in this video is pathetic. If you really care about someone, you won’t enter their life with ulterior motives. That’s the definition of a creep.

  48. Bobby Rio
    3 years ago

    @Brandan. “Be yourself” is great- IF you’re already getting the girls you want. If just “being yourself” worked, then all guys would already be with their dream girl.
    This is not about ulterior motives. Its about presenting a more attractive version of yourself. Women wear makeup, dress sexy, because they know it attracts guys. So if we know women are attracted to “playing hard to get”… then you’d be an idiot not to do it.

  49. JG
    3 years ago

    Awesome job! very true…thanks for the advice!

  50. Thedude
    3 years ago

    Let me second what John Donohue said about the length of the video. I won’t bother at all with videos of indeterminate length either. I understand those may have boosted conversions when the first started appearing but I’m sure the top of the bell curve has probably been reached on that front. Anyway, good vid.

  51. jermaine
    3 years ago

    this video is alright but all you guys need to grow balls.

  52. Dominic
    3 years ago

    hahaha at first I thought this was some kind of ad so didn’t care much but seems it is really helpful vid…
    it points out 3 mistakes 2 of which I did to a girl I liked and ended up very awkward.
    = ) thanks a lot guys !!!

  53. thomas
    3 years ago

    Lol they ar right just got to play almost hard to get

  54. Guy
    3 years ago

    what a load of crap.
    dress well, be funny.

  55. Yep
    3 years ago

    99.9999999% of the time, people aren’t going to consider dating someone they’re not attracted to before getting to know them. It’s not about being confident, or funny, or successful, or clever, or nice, or hard-to-get. It’s about finding people who are (at least mildly) attracted to you, and showing them an attractive personality to go with that initial physical reaction.

  56. Nick
    3 years ago

    Damnit – is there anyway to rage back from these three mistake?
    I may or may not have made all three of these (fuck).

  57. John
    3 years ago

    Ahaha Oh dear god. You guys are giving terrible advice. What your asking is for men to keep their guard up, so they don’t get hurt. I don’t think this is dating advice for a meaningful relationship. More like advice for getting laid, which gets boooaring. Going to have to let that guard down sometime… Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen? Just a little hurt pride. So you move on and accept yourself. Self actualization is sexier than defense mechanisms.

  58. Jay
    3 years ago

    Amazing suggestions! I can’t believe I found myself guilty of all of those “Don’ts”. Thank you for the video; I really enjoyed it!

  59. Chris
    3 years ago

    I watched this with 12 girls while studying, all 12 girls said you two are fucking retarded and need to find something new to dedicate your time to. I thought you guys were right at first, showed it to them and they immediately said to not listen to a word either one of you said. JUst letting you know what girls THINK.

  60. Bobby Rio
    3 years ago

    To the guy above me Chris..
    DUH… of course girls say “that wouldn’t work on me…”
    All girls say “I want a nice guy”… No girl says “I want a player” But take a look at who most attractive girls date. Here’s some advice dude, NEVER rely on girls for dating advice.

  61. honestlee
    3 years ago

    the flowers at work thing is great advice as far as your first move or whatever. terrible idea to start with something like that
    if you are midway into a serious relationship with someone youre deeply into who’s deeply into you, doing this without any special occasion, just for the heck of it – iS A GREAT IDEA

  62. Tevez
    3 years ago


  63. Johno
    3 years ago

    Wise words of wisdom from two dry vaginas

  64. Nick
    3 years ago

    Hmm, I’ve done all 3, and got the girl anyway. More than once. I think it just depends on the girl. I think #3 is the killer tho, out of all 3 of them.

  65. Gavin
    3 years ago


  66. chris
    3 years ago

    Sup guys, I need all the tips you can give. Sounds like you know a bunch. and I know little. help me out.

  67. mathew
    3 years ago

    ha, nooooooooooooooooooooooobs 🙂

  68. Jeff Rogard
    3 years ago

    I would have appreciated it if the guy on the left took out his mouth guard first…

  69. Bobby Rio
    3 years ago

    Glad everyone is enjoying the vid.

  70. Trololol12
    3 years ago

    Not being ugly LOL helps a lot

  71. Antonio
    3 years ago

    great stuff guys. I’ve made all the mistakes. And paid dearly for them.

  72. alex
    3 years ago

    I used to be scared of women too.
    I would have followed advice like this then.
    Then I did stuff that was hard, physical, required determination and courage, and gained maturity.
    Then I became more confident
    Then things, including women, didn’t scare me anymore.
    Now I have no trouble getting women, including the one every other guy in the room wants.

    So: If you want women, and you rely on advice by “experts” but do not yourself grow-up, you wont get very far with any of them. If you want a woman, but are not a “pick-up artist”, put some effort into it but don’t be act like someone you are not because they will know and resent you for it. Be yourself.

    And yes, in all situations be prepared to be rejected.

    The truth is, every women is different and there are no general rules. You are the constant, not the women. With experience, and confidence, you will learn when to do or not do certain things.Flowers at work is not a bad thing, if she wants you. Grand gestures absolutely work when she needs it. A love poem, or a serious display of vulnerability can bring her back if she responds to it. While some woman won’t respond to lots of attention, some woman need you to be available because they need the assurance.

    You don’t need advice, or direction to be more attractive to women. You need to challenge yourself often and grow confidence. You need to accept the possibility of rejection and try, and learn from successes and mistakes.

  73. Sebastian
    3 years ago

    My mother taught me 3 simple rules.

    1. Be sincere, be yourself.
    2. Treat the girl with respect.
    3. Whats yours will be yours.

    Relationship is like sand. The harder you grab onto it, the more is going to slip out of your hands. Be gentle, but be firm.

    Having said that, I’m from a culture where we generally have the girl as our girlfriend before even thinking about sleeping with them.


  74. Luis
    3 years ago

    This is bullshit. Just be a nice guy.

    • Bobby Rio
      3 years ago

      LOL, yea just be a nice guy. Let me know how that works out for you 🙂

  75. Jacob
    3 years ago

    I broke rule number 2 🙁 Confessing your feelings too soon, is there ANY way I could get her back or make her re-interested in me?

  76. Matt
    3 years ago

    If a girl likes you it doesn’t matter what you do… you can fart on her….

  77. NotAnIdiot
    3 years ago

    These are stupid mistakes by stupid guys.

    Buying flowers: Buy something for a girl you like instead of spending time with her isn’t going to make her like you more.

    Telling feeling too soon: Not everyone falls in love at first sight. It makes you look desperate.

    Not being available: Women don’t like a guy who texts instantly because it implies he doesn’t do anything with his life. The point is doing something with your life. If you hack websites and have your phone by your side she’ll understand. If you are out at rock climbing event and you text her a lot, she’ll think you are desperate.

    Women are trying to check if you are worth dating.

  78. Nilo
    3 years ago

    This only works on emotionally damaged girls. Also if the girl feels that you are an alpha male she will instantly chase you, even if you do the all red flags they mentioned.

  79. Brian
    3 years ago

    This is the stupidest video ever. These guys are talking about all the women you don’t want to date. This is classic ‘bad guy’ ‘game’ type advice that works on stupid girls and immature girls.

  80. Kal
    3 years ago

    Are these guys in relationships? I can’t believe it if they are.

  81. Mehul
    3 years ago

    thanks guys, I’ve made way too many mistakes just like that.

  82. Josh
    3 years ago

    Just treat them like shit and they will come back. Never treat them them nice, treat like the selfish, seeking-multiple-nuts-when-you-can-only-get-one whore they are.

  83. Stephen Harris
    3 years ago

    I like your attitude. Smart and pragmatic without being sexist.

  84. Matt
    3 years ago

    im 15 years old and im in my freshman year of high school. i know its good that i saw this video now cause i have like 3 more years of high school left. but i wish i saw this earlier cause im so deep in the friend zone and im pretty sure its cause i made those mistakes except for the flowers one

  85. Jonjon
    3 years ago

    the most important thing you need to understand, is that their goddam VAGINA WILL DRY UP

  86. David
    3 years ago

    Totally with you on the mistake of being too available

  87. anon
    3 years ago

    omg its so true. I don’t really do gifts for friends hell even family let alone going out of my way to send a gift/flowers to a girl I’ve just been hanging out with a couple of times. I mean I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’ve made these mistakes too but that’s how I learn and become wiser. So true, compliments when the time I right- giving her the hint through compliments that you like her looks or personality is one thing, showing her that you’re madly in love with her is another. And on the being too available thing- if he has all the time in the world for a girl he’s not even in a serious relationship with yet, he probably isn’t really doing very much with his life. Nothing which turns a woman off more
    than a guy who doesnt have any aims or passion, ie. job or study aspirations or some sort of sport or hobby.

  88. anon
    3 years ago

    and to whoever asked can you turn back with the same girl you made these mistakes with: the harsh reality is no. Its one of those times where the first impression counts. And you’re making another mistake, running after the same girl. Is she the one? Fair enough if you’ve been in a long term relationship and you messed up, wanting to get back together, but when its just physical attraction and just trying things out, move on to the next one and don’t make the same mistakes again. And to whoever said “just be nice”: well that’s the thing, I’m assuming the whole world isn’t full of bad people, anyone can be nice, its about presenting yourself in a way that will spark interest in her. Its a bit like going for a job if you think about it, they can’t just say “he’s a nice guy give him the job” if you didn’t present yourse;f well in your cv, interview etc.

  89. Paw
    3 years ago

    Nekk minnit, she’s the one bringing dinner to my house. Kudos, boys!

  90. Jim
    3 years ago

    I have definitely done the last two. I do want to try the first one just to see if it actually happens. You guys are right though. No matter how many dates I’ve been on I still mess up with the second and third a lot.

  91. f
    3 years ago


  92. Joe
    3 years ago

    Best advice I can ever give any man that is struggling with women….stop dating Americans. I’m not trying to say that every American women is bad, but when you look at our culture of “replace it instead of fix it” you start to notice that women in my generation (the 20-40 year old bracket) judge relationship success in months, and not years. “I’ve had 3 awesome boyfriends in the last year” really?

    I can only give my own perspective. I’m a generally nice guy, I’m 30, successful but not rich, hard working, faithful, everything it would seem women would want, yet I was lucky if I could keep them around for 2 weeks. If I was the only guy that I knew that had this problem, I would say hey, maybe it is me. I was incredibly frustrated. Tried match, and numerous other dating sites, and just felt the women were disproportionate….only way I can describe it….shes a 7, makes $20,000 a year, her expectation in a man is a 9 that makes $100,000.

    My first experience dating outside of my culture was a Bosnian woman. I had been talking to her for a few days and got up the courage to ask her out to dinner finally, picked her up, and took her out. The first thing I noticed was she was genuinely interested in what I had to say! Most women I had taken out on dates in the last 4 or 5 years couldn’t tell me fast enough how much of a POS their ex was, how much of a deadbeat he was for “only paying $400 a month in child support after they left his ass” or would talk about how much they wanted to be taken care of ect. This woman was genuinely interested in ME. I was open and honest with her, and told her I’m not rich, which she responded ” I don’t care about money, all I care about is that you are a good man, and you treat me well, I’m not afraid to work”. The relationship lasted about a year and a half, until her mother got sick back in her home country and she decided she needed to go back home. We still keep in contact to this day.

    My second experience is with my current girlfriend, who happens to be Russian. We have been together for about 2 years, she is simply amazing. We rarely fight about stupid crap, she treats me like an equal, she can hold an intelligent conversation, shes hard working, and beautiful. I only have 2 experiences with foreign women, but I can tell you for sure how much happier I am. Simply put, American men should expand their options.

  93. Alex
    3 years ago

    Is that just me that sees this as a great match(dot)com ad?

  94. I
    3 years ago

    Sum people have to make more mistakes to get them to stop, using guys in that way.

  95. I
    3 years ago

    Just saiyan at top level walking in with flower on belt, and flower in mouth.
    then reach for the belt and give her something….just saiyan

  96. Joseph
    3 years ago

    Good Video, I have done all three with the last girl I was serious about… worst part is I work with her! Didn’t send her flowers but gave her plenty of things at work, the relationship didn’t end well by any means. Anyways, the guy to comment before me: Joe. I agree with you about broadening the horizon when talking to women. Many of the women that haven’t been “Americanized” seem to be overall more genuine.

  97. BAtmaaaaaaan
    3 years ago

    Yooo guyyss thank u so much !!!!! its soo damn truuuuuuee 🙁

  98. Aglin Dajlanaj
    3 years ago

    Great video guys! Thanks a lot! I am sooo going to use that advice you gave, do not let her know that you want to be her boyfriend, just let her know you wanna bang her. 5 *****!

  99. Squishin
    3 years ago

    As a fan of dating and relationships in general, I can say that I’m glad that I’m not as cynical as this. What you are referring to with these comments (especially the end advertisement for the Scrambler) is playing the “game” with your partner; the invisible power struggle between two people to see who needs the other more. To me, this is not the basis for a healthy relationship. This video misses the mark.
    The points are technically accurate; it is not a good idea to open up too fast, nor go for over-the-top gestures, but I think it is far more important to emphasize plain honesty and openness. You don’t want to force your partner into a position where she or he feels undervalued, overcommitted compared to you, or any of the horrible things that you were feeling before pulling this “game” crap. It’s important to find a person who has the same level of desire, and will relate to you in an equal, open, and honest way.

  100. Squishin
    3 years ago

    By the way, this is speaking as someone who is in a 2 and a 1/2 year long relationship for the first time. Which happened BECAUSE I STOPPED pulling this crap.

  101. Rishi
    3 years ago

    Good lord,
    I already made 2 of the three mistakes and I shall admit to what a wimp I am and anyone who reads this can have a laugh. I actually penned an emotional-from the heart letter to a woman I had known for a few days. She did reply back saying she cried when she read it and then never heard from her. UNTIL….Being the moron I am, I sent flowers to her work! and bear in mind I don’t even know her.

    You guys are right. I am so drunk right now. I am going to buy a hooker and just be content. My sexual urges will be taken care of by prostitutes meanwhile I follow the rules of this video and stop being heart broken

  102. Josh
    3 years ago

    This should be renamed to, “3 Toxic Mistakes That Instantly Kill a Girl’s Interest to having sex with you”. This was all about what to do to get into her pants. The girls youre talking about are the classless sluts you find at the bar or clubs. Nearly all women that actually have standards not only for the guy they want but the relationship itself would drop you guys off their contacts and be those girls that stopped responding because they saw right through your bs and saw youre like every other guy out there. I can say this it total bs when it comes to finding that one in a million girl. Seeing the other movies you guys helped with just proves my point. Its crap like this that gives those few remaining decent guys out there a bad name. Now when I try to talk to a girl, she automatically assumes the first thing I want to do is get in her pants. Since when is lack of communication a good thing in a relationship. Its good to have your own life and get some time to yourself but your whole outlook in a lot of things is kinda jacked up. You make it easier for the trashy guys who try to get with as many girls as they can and find those women who will go home with every guy that makes them laugh look good, but not those last remaining decent guys out there since then they just get the same label as the rest of you. Guys sleep with a girl or two then for some reason believe that every girl out there is a slut who would sleep with them. Do you not realize how many women either dont go out to places like that or end up going to gay bars with other women just because they want a break from guys trying to get with them and for the first time in who knows how long, have a nice relaxing night out without being hit on by 15 different guys. May have got off topic a little but Im just gonna stop there. Was hoping for a lot more from this movie when I clicked on it.

  103. Paul
    3 years ago

    Just make your sure your intentions are clear, an treat them with respect an nicely, just make sure you flirt or they might take it as a friend thing ,an as much as most guys don’t have it always try to be confident its very attractive to a woman. That’s pretty much it but being with someone who’s a friend is amazing you just gotta keep that sexual tension between the two people, when it does get physical don’t have as i call it friend sex because after that you won’t even have a friend.:)

  104. the dude
    3 years ago

    please let my daughter not hook up with a couple fucking lowlifes like these fuckin clowns

  105. Ali
    3 years ago

    Pretty cool advice, like it.

    I especially like the fact you both come across as easy-going guys without a chip on your shoulder, giving the sort of advice that puts women down in order to get what you want from them. There’s a lot of that going around on the net. So it’s refreshing you’re not going down that line.
    Essentially it boils down to three things: Be natural, be cool, don’t put females on a pedestal.

  106. Jacob
    3 years ago

    What does making videos like this do for these wet pussies?

  107. Andrew
    3 years ago

    That video was very helpful. I have noticed i have done two of those 3 things every time. thank you guys

  108. Jacob
    3 years ago

    Watching this video taught me something those 3 mistakes killed me when I was interested in that one person I have alot of work to do

  109. John
    3 years ago

    You want some advice on how to get girls? Be yourself and trust your own instincts….brush your teach after every meal, and get your butt in the gym and make yourself into a machine. And don’t take advice from geeks.

  110. Nick
    3 years ago

    Rule number 1 when it comes to women.. Creepiness level of certain things depends on the attractiveness of the guy. A sub par guy sends her flowers at work, she’s creeped out. A hot guy sends her flowers at work, she brags about it all day. This 1 rule is why these guys have failed miserably..haha

  111. rj
    3 years ago

    this is spot on haha great video

  112. grangoat
    3 years ago

    what is wrong with getting friend zoned? Female friends are always trying to set you up with there friends. So you still end up with a girl.

  113. Jake
    3 years ago

    Great vid. If I had one thing to add it would be the only thing worse than not getting the girl is getting the wrong girl. I was a John Cusak type myself (and in my heart I still am). I ended up with exactly the wrong girl, dated for five years, and I finally filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage. Even in the beginning, deep down, I knew it was wrong but I was gonna make it work. The best thing out of it is my two amazing daughters (stay AWAY, guys). Even our eighth marriage counselor said “you two could not be more wrong for each other” and her job was to keep us together! Anyway–remember. Getting the WRONG girl is worse than not getting the girl. Listen to these guys.

  114. MiMi
    3 years ago

    One of my guy friends posted this on his wall. Sorry if I don’t belong here haha. Any way…. Girl’s don’t like sluts just as much as men hate sluts. And by “Hate sluts” I mean, she can’t be taken seriously. There was one tip in this video? Something about not letting her know you want to be her boyfriend, but allowing her know you want to have sex with her???? Bad move. That doesn’t work on any descent woman who is worth making wife material, because I’m thinking you only want one thing from me, and I will toss you in the same category with any other guy, and probably think you can’t be taken seriously. I mean, you’re no saint and you don’t have to be, but being slutty? Girls don’t like that when we see it. Keep your sex life between you and your partners and don’t go acting perverted or even so much as let of to a girl that yo MAY just want sex from her. Because if she thinks so, following that advice, unless you are just a quick emotional fling who she can date but will never marry, she will not want to take you seriously. And the girl who does get with a guy knowing or thinking that he may just want sex, is probably not taking you seriously and is probably thinking you are just temporary, but most certainly not long term.

  115. Simon
    3 years ago

    Every girl is different……. Alright the flowers thing is true but the rest is isn’t always the case.

  116. Charles
    3 years ago

    These guys don’t know a shit about the subject. If you like a girl be creative and go for it. If you don’t do it some else will.

  117. Sam
    3 years ago

    Fab-est de-facto facts ! Luved the way you blokes put it. Spot on !

  118. John Smith
    3 years ago

    You can’t stress the last point enough!!

  119. negar
    3 years ago

    Really loved the comments. Btw its really pleasing to hear them talking even though I didn’t pay attention to most of it.

  120. Craig
    3 years ago

    i already have the girl wrapped around my finger, but how do i get her to piss off? she won’t leave me the hell alone and even though i don’t say ‘yes’ every time she wants to hang she twists things so that if i say im busy or don’t reply im being an asshole or ‘rude’ how do i let them down easy? i have my own life im trying to live here.

  121. Nyel Huq
    3 years ago

    Great advice, all too true.

  122. Eric
    3 years ago

    3 Tips for making a halfway watchable video:

    1. Be aware of your audio, shouting at the mic and having peaky audio is probably the most off putting thing in any video
    2. Set your white balance so your skin doesn’t look like an irradiated orange
    3. Don’t wear tightly patterned shirts to avoid horrible moire.

    Stay professional boys, keep up the killer production values.

  123. aaron
    3 years ago

    I confess, I almost didn’t watch it after the first couple of minutes; seemed too “treat em mean, keep em keen”. I”m glad I watched it all the way through – some really insightful stuff. Great job, guys!

  124. Justin Strebe
    3 years ago

    It depends on the girl Like the guy on the right said.

  125. awesome
    3 years ago

    hey thanks for vid guys,anymore tips?

  126. Guy
    3 years ago

    I didn’t get her flowers for Valentines Day, she dumped me thanks guys

  127. Ryan
    3 years ago

    It would make more sense for girls to not be bitches, and to just like a guy for who they are. They are literally such cunts that we have to post videos on how to use mind games on them. Sexist, some one said? It’s the sad truth about your gender, sorry.

  128. george
    3 years ago

    info please

  129. Iza
    3 years ago

    You guys are getting it right. you really need to curb the compliments. Actually you should tell her something you don’t like about her, like her shoes. A comment like “Oow.. what are you walking on the Empire State Building?” Make it funny. That’s all I can tell you for now.

  130. O Dog
    3 years ago

    This must not be for girls of color and obviously these guys aren’t true players in the game. I can understand about the confessing your feelings but sending flowers to a girl job isn’t a bad thing unless u don’t know her like that. Being too available is subjective cuz she might call at the right times or give her the impression that she is. no one is ever as available as they make it seem

  131. Edwin
    3 years ago

    Great stuff guys, this is all true. Holding off that boyfriend card for as long as possible was one of my favorite lesser said pieces of advice.

  132. Daniel
    3 years ago

    PLEASE stop using Vimeo, their player is incredibly horrible. It took half an hours attempt to watch this short presentation, and I didn’t even finish it because there was a problem with playback. My internet is fast and computer top-notch, so that isn’t the problem. It may be “hip” to use Vimeo, but there are much, much better video players and you’re losing business because a saint’s patience is required to view your posting.

  133. Rex
    3 years ago

    LOL these guys look like fucking nerds, they wish they could get women.

  134. Lynn
    3 years ago

    Does it work?

  135. robb stark
    3 years ago

    I bought flowers and surprised my girlfriend/co worker with them as we were walking into work. she fucking loved it! said no guy ever gave her flowers. went over amazing. but that was in a long term relationship not dating these dudes got it down pat women really don’t like nice guys. unless they have a nice job/money. and that’s the fucking TRUTH lol

  136. nazish
    3 years ago

    whats the name of a song at the start of the vid? plz @ nazish1987@gmail.com

  137. donnell rouse
    3 years ago

    You guys are telling the truth!!

  138. Spanic28
    3 years ago

    Actually pretty much hit it spot on. And for you girls that disagree with this, Of Course You Will. The guys on here know and have seen with their own eyes that the “Nice Guy” gets friend zoned wheras the elusive, seemingly non-interested guy is the one you’ll go after. And if you still disagree take a look at yourself. Who are you currently with or seeking right now? Ahaaa? Am I saying it can never happen? Nope. Somebody always wins the lottery right? But I wouldn’t bank on it being you. Listening to these guys really opened up my eyes to what I was doing wrong. And man was I!! I’ve got a LOT of girl best friends to prove it to! But now that I put the nice guy away, Sooooo much better!! This is how much fun it was supposed to be like!! I should’ve done this sooner!! Thanks for the dose of reality I needed!

  139. Avinash
    3 years ago

    These guys are freaking awesome!! Wicked advice!!

  140. KBXIII
    3 years ago

    You guys are douche bags….none of these are true…good luck EVER finding a woman. You guys look like 2 losers..LMAO

    Advice to guys watching this video…

    1. Send flowers….it shows your appreciation and interest in her and she feels special(unless she doesn’t like flowers…send candy)
    Guarantee you’ll get laid the same day.

    2. Don’t express your feelings too soon but let her know your exact intentions on dating her…she will respect you more and you’ll both be on the same page.

    3. If you see that there is potential feelings there that are enough to start a relationship with her…EXPRESS it to her and see where she’s at…Again it is important to be on the same page….who knows, maybe she does feel the same way…be a REAL MAN and step up to the plate!!!

    The advice these guys gave are advice of a cowardly man who lacks the sensitivity to even be in a relationship let alone even know how to treat a woman.

    Good Day!

  141. Bobby Rio
    3 years ago


    Ok, keep sending girl’s flowers and candy 🙂

  142. Jack Ryan
    3 years ago

    …Cannot say I have done these things. Not that I am a expert with women, but I suppose I have not needed to do these things. First, flowers at work, only in relationships or if you follow up strong with a call or a visit to ask her out for real. If she rejects you, who cares, at least you took the chance. Just do not continue on giving her attention if she does reject, a) that could be creepy, b) if you do, give her minimal attention, a text or something asking how she is, but space it out. If she does not contact you afterwards or on her own, probably no interest, drop it bro. Second, I have spilled my guts to a woman, just not on the first date, more like the second/third, can’t remember too well, she liked me more after that, but I suppose I was more or less not contacting her all the time. Third, not be the guy who is always available. I suppose do not jump at every opportunity. Look for a good opportunity for you and for her. Have her suggest and do not cancel plans for her, let her know you do have these plans and might be able to get out of them, and let her know. OR, pick a different time. If she is interested in meeting up with you in a romantic or a friend way, then likely she will be willing to make the time to fit in your schedule as well as hers. If you have a completely free schedule, let her know, but don’t agree to anything until you are sure you can be there. At this point, if she doesn’t make it, don’t drop it unless you think no interest, just don’t be as available next time. Either way, just a comment

    Also Bobby Rio,

    Pretty Sure KBXIII is a woman, ie, she is commenting about this video and does not agree.

  143. Mr. cock
    3 years ago

    What a couple of sexist, douchebags

  144. david
    3 years ago

    great advice same thing i would tell my friends

  145. Steve
    3 years ago

    How respectful and dignified to repeatedly express that you want to “bang” the girl you’re going out with. I’m surprised you both don’t have women beating down the door to get to you!

  146. jason
    3 years ago

    lol…just glad to know im not the only male drying vaginas…good info

  147. Brian
    3 years ago

    great stuff. lol. u guys get it.

  148. Rick
    3 years ago

    Good video, makes alot of sense. I have done alot of these mistakes myself. Except for the flowers at work, only did that once for my ex wife. Seems like if you treat em good then they don’t respect that.
    Little story with my last ex girlfriend. I treated her good and from what I gathered from our talks I was the first guy she had been with that never raised a hand to her; anyway a month into dating her we got into a fight and broke it off. The next day she let her douchbag ex move back in with her and sent me a text to rub it in, I responded by telling her that if she wanted to be a white trash piece of shit then go for it. I didn’t say anything else or contact her at all. 3 days later she kicked the douchbag out and was burning up my phone.
    We messed around for about 4 more mos before I finally broke it off for good. She’s engaged to another guy now and still text me 3 or 4 times a day.
    BTW did I mention that I’m 54 and she’s 34?

  149. james
    3 years ago

    wish i saw this like six months ago..

  150. Andy
    3 years ago

    Great job guys i love it getting those tips cause girls are so damn tricky….. LMAO

  151. Allan
    3 years ago

    Awesome advice. I hate the Friend Zone.

  152. matt
    3 years ago

    “She can know you want to bang her , ,but she cant know you want to be her boyfriend”

    Excellent Advice! Ty

  153. Trav
    3 years ago

    True stuff, but I’d go one further- you have to be an @sshole to get anywhere with women these days. Basically, not care at all. Do whatever you want and she bends around it.

    I sent flowers once, I ended up engaged to that chick. The flowers neither hurt nor helped my cause, but guys, save your money. Romantic movies are made for chicks’ alter egos, the ones that are noble, just, and kind. AKA, not how they act in reality.

    Women are a real piece of work…also, don’t spend too much on dinner. I have had girls go out with other dudes on good dates, then they’re worked up and they call. The reality is that perhaps they didn’t want to be seen by the other guy as easy, so they use him for entertainment and a meal and someone else for sex. It’s…well let’s say it doesn’t jibe with any sense you have of romantic idealism, so the best bet is to stop caring about it. You want to be the guy they call or the guy who gets it on the first date; stop being so nice and start being more alpha.

  154. Maroo
    3 years ago

    utter bullshit. It’s all very simple, if she is attracted to you, you can do no wrong (within reason, of course), if she isn’t, you can only do wrong. These three seem like mistakes because they are symptoms of trying too hard for that which ain’t gonna happen anyway.

  155. Jerry L.
    3 years ago

    I am a gay guy and I think this advice applies very much to gay relationships as well. I am still single because I made the same toxic mistakes that these guys warn about.

  156. bhbuob
    3 years ago

    too long

  157. Matt R
    3 years ago

    This is the best advice I’ve ever heard..

  158. Johnny
    3 years ago

    some of the stuff is good but still pretty shallow. You shouldn’t look for girls to sleep with them or to get whatever it is you want. The point if to date to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe the reason there are so many divorces or people can’t find the person they’re supposed to be with is that they’ve practiced doing the exact opposite in their relationships. I’m 22, been in one relationship, still a virgin, and yeah it’s been hard. It’s tough when a girl shows up and your dorm room looking for a good time. It’s tough. But the hardest things are always what are worth it the most. So when I lay that girl down when I marry her i’ve got everything to give to her, i haven’t wasted anytime giving it to anyone else. And I’m pretty proud i’m not out to create a load of emotional baggage for these girls’ husband to carry around. If I can’t see myself with this girl for the long haul, then i’m wasting either my time or hers we could be spending for the one that really matters. I hope that in my next relationship we’ll be acting with enough innocence so that she’ll know my intentions and not be cross checking my relationship experience against some 10 step bullcrap guide in cosmo.

  159. john
    3 years ago

    do not pretend to be unavailable, just do not make them you top priority all the time. do not bend over backward for them, its not necessary and no one really benefit from it. make sure always be available when they really need you and the rest of the time just give them space, because thats what i would like to have.

  160. wisdom
    3 years ago

    Dude flowers at work is okay if you do it originally. Example (and you can ask any girl would they like this ) bring one of her favorite flowers to her and give a kiss on the cheek at lunchtime and walk away after whispering have a nice day. if she liked you before she’ll love you a lot more now.(one key thing be confidence in all your actions during this). second it’s okay to show her later in the relationship but first she has to feel you are attracted to her then that you like her weird I know but their wired different that how it works. (also liking doesn’t mean obsessing. and this works with the for the second part.) You can be available just make sure she has to put up an effort to get your availability.

  161. TheTruth
    3 years ago

    If you are a guy and want a woman its really simple

    1. be tall
    2. be good looking
    3. have money

    works 100 percent of the time

  162. insite
    3 years ago

    lol I wish I knew this years ago..every young man should watch this!

  163. zach
    3 years ago

    Wow actually good advice for once! I’ve made all of the above mistakes too but sometimes it’s easy to forgot the mistakes you’ve made. These are definitely things to commit to memory!

  164. J
    3 years ago

    Have money…don’t be so naïve….money is all that matters

  165. brandon
    3 years ago

    Well… how creepy you come off has a lot to do with how attractive the other person perceives you.

  166. kevin
    3 years ago

    How do you move from close friend to intimate relationship. I have a female friend that I have known for a while now.She is comfortable telling me things,intimate things all the time.She has even sent nude picture on request.She knows of my interest but says that she is afraid of screwing up our relationship by sleeping togrther.

  167. Eq
    3 years ago

    These guys are so fucking stupid about women it is a good thing for them that there is not capital punishment for stupidity

  168. ToneDeff
    3 years ago

    Im a big dude so, we have to have that extra edge. Thats all its is for these females man, the edge (it factor). Give her something to remember (funny convo (not too funny lol), ambition (!!!!!), not LAZYYYYYYYY, your confidence!! ur #1, etc.) your not going to always get the girl u want, but these things will get the girl u need. All the things i named should b something YOU would want to see in a girl right? Don’t “LET” tv n music ruin who u are and can b. If u want to b a player then thats a whole other lesson lol. 😉 … But like they said don’t send flowers too early find out who she is connect with her, then down the line you know WHAT KIND OF FLOWERS TO GET HER, perfect opportunity to teach her something she didn’t know (u learning too doing your own research lol). But thats when y’all connected on that level and want to keep it hot, don’t embarrass yourself buddy lol. Just remember one thing these girls a trip and it aint free, good luck! WHEEEWWWW

  169. Martin
    3 years ago

    Skipping the misguided attempts at psychoanalysis, let’s boil it down to this: “GUYS, DON’T BE WEIRD”.

  170. curt
    3 years ago

    Man….the problem is that even we KNOW all of this…we get stupid and screw this up anyway.

  171. cifrank
    3 years ago

    Guys, you are absolutely right. However…you are both talking way to much on each reason. Less can be more when making a point.

  172. Mark
    3 years ago

    Why is every other article on the web now a video? F/kin hate it. I’m at coffee shop. I’m not going to turn up the volume , nor am I going to go get my bag and dig out my headphones. If it was an article, I’d be reading. But it’s not. And I’m not.

    See ya.

  173. Mike
    3 years ago

    I did more than one face palm watching this video and recalling costing myself by doing these exact things. Good stuff guys.

  174. Nathan Gardley
    3 years ago

    very nice

  175. Theodore
    3 years ago

    This is what they need to pull all the guys in highschool aside and show them this video……

  176. John
    3 years ago

    Hi. I’m 58. I like to think I’ve learned a few things, but I have to admit, I can learn from you too!…

  177. TC
    3 years ago

    Guilty. 3 counts. Sentenced to hell on earth. Term served. Parole board easily amused at review hearings. Lesson learned. Released back to the wild. lol

  178. gary
    3 years ago

    Send a male stripper to her at work…..that always works!

  179. Milk
    3 years ago

    This stupid. Ya’ll stupid.

  180. MBII
    3 years ago

    Well I’ve officially made all of these mistakes, constantly

  181. Pig
    3 years ago

    This is not at all misogynistic.

  182. Boozer
    3 years ago

    Not telling her your feelings is one thing, I’d take it a step further and say don’t bother having those feelings. She’s the one with all the conflicting thoughts and feelings, let her be the crazy emotional chick in the relationship. Let’s face it, Cusack was being a bitch, so was Nick Papageorgio in “Can’t Hardly Wait”. Let her obsess about stupid things while you cruise along without a care in the world. She’s the girl, not you.

    I’ll add another mistake just for fun… not being comfortable with tension. Sexual tension needs to build, nice guys tend to bail out just when things get interesting. Cracking a joke, changing the subject, walking away, even talking at the wrong time can kill the sexual tension and any chance of attraction. So you gotta know when to STFU and enjoy the moment.

  183. Alehandro
    3 years ago

    You guys are absolutely right about those 3 mistakes guys make.

  184. Bob
    3 years ago

    This was pretty much all BS

  185. David
    3 years ago

    I agree to the most point with this video but it’s a somewhat juvenile approach to being successful with woman. Being an older guy I’ve made many mistakes with woman, but everyone makes mistakes. Even after watching this video and taking notes you will continue to make mistakes as a man. The reason most men are not successful with woman in my oppinion is because woman are attracted to masculine qualities. And most men are too busy trying to cater to a woman and what she wants all the time that they don’t exhibit masculine qualities to a woman. You can make as many mistakes as you want with a woman and have her stilll be around. The best advice is to be a man, be dominant, be persistent and don’t let a woman tell you it’s over. Woman are somewhat emotional creatures and they will get upset and tell you it’s over and when they do, it is up to you to be a man and tell take control and tell them, “no, it’s not over, I want you in my life and I will do what is neccessary to keep you. We will work through this and you will be mine!” Be persistent, if she says no, don’t let her lead or walk away, woman want a man that leads, so be the leader. You don’t need to ask a woman anything, just straight up tell them, “your not going anywhere!” Yeah it sounds kinda crazy but woman are attracted to men that exhibit masculine qualities. The reson I feel this video is somewhat juvenile is because all younger men think the key to getting woman is to ignore them and treat them like shit, I use to think that but now I don’t neccessarily think that’s true. The key to a woman is just listen to her, make her feel the way she wants to feel, be strong, be masculine, exhibit masculine qualities and fuck the shit out of her in the bedroom. You can make as many mistakes as you want. There are plenty of men who have made every mistake in the book with a woman to cheating on her, even abusing them physically and mentally and the girls are still around. I hate to sound like a chauvinist but woman are somewhat submissibe by nature. They can tell a weak man. They are going to be emotional with you and tell you, “don’t ever call me again!” But a strong man should be firm and let them know that you are the one in charge and tell them, “I’m going to call you everyday and your going to answer me, and we are going to work this out!” That is what a strong man does. Acting weak and like a soft pussy of a man will scare woman away. The reason men feel like woman run away after they make mistakes is because the woman will start viewing you like your weak, but don’t let her, it is your job as a man to show a woman just how strong you are, that’s what woman are attracted to, and you don’t have to yell at a woman constantly or punch her just to make her think you are strong. Who cares about mistakes theres plenty of men that have sent woman flowers and still fuck them all day every day, so what. Woman arent’ running away from men because you send them flowers, that’s stupid and not logical, there running away because you pussies let them leave! Be persistent, be strong, be firm, and let a woman know whoes in control, she can get over and forgive you for any mistake you make!

  186. Brian Lord
    3 years ago

    I wish this video was out when I was younger and made everyone of these mistakes. Good advice.

  187. Myrkay
    3 years ago

    If you make her do the hard work she will move on and find another guy, time has changed they can go online to pick any guy she wants.

    • Bobby Rio
      3 years ago


      That’s exactly why you MUST make her work for it… its the only way you can keep her invested in you, and keep her attention focused on you

  188. Spencer
    3 years ago

    You treat dating like its a formula. There was ONE and only one reasonable thought in this movie and it was from the guy on the right about living your life and having passions other than your significant other because people are attracted to peoples lives. But come on, why is it that people think like this, like if you do dating right then youll get the girl. youll get the girl if you do life right. so just focus on that. and make all people around you as happy as possible.

  189. Chandler
    3 years ago

    Sad but true.

  190. Ron
    3 years ago

    Very funny and all too true!

  191. Riley
    3 years ago

    Agree Totally!

  192. Mark
    3 years ago

    Oh boy. I’m 100% toxic according to this video. Thanks for the advice, guys, but I think I already blew it with this one.

  193. Wonderer
    3 years ago

    You guys are great!! this much experience comes from those who got burned a lot!! and those who got burned can only teach us well so cheers guys

  194. Seun
    3 years ago

    Dang! I wish I saw this video an hour earlier… or even two days ago! I’m starting RIGHT NOW!!!

  195. Rockpip
    3 years ago


    I would wholeheartedly recommend this ted talk as well that should help out in all areas of life, not just meeting girls. Watch it now! 🙂

    Also great video, and I am guilty of these 3 toxic mistakes myself.. lesons learned ty!

  196. KANE
    3 years ago


  197. Wayne
    3 years ago

    I think flowers were the kiss of death to many of the relationships that I was in

  198. Ivan
    3 years ago

    You so right!

  199. Dana Meisner
    3 years ago

    Good stuff guys, i can relate to a lot of this tips, good to know i was in the right direction when approaching this girl i know

  200. Jason
    3 years ago

    Yup, this is so true. This has nothing to do with equality of the sexes, one sex being better than another, or that dating is some kind of game. This is about understanding the psychology of women. And, again, not all women are the same just like not all men are the same.

    The biggest mistake I ever made was making myself too available. In my late twenties I finally got rid of that so called “nice guy” act. Not that it was an act or that being a nice guy is bad. I am considered a nice guy by women. What I finally figured out was that once a woman I was interested in said that I was a nice guy, I immediately made myself less available. I learned that when you get to that point in a relationship where she tells you that you’re “such a nice guy”, there is pretty much no hope in that relationship progressing. It finally clicked for me when this really hot woman that I was into told me that she only saw us as friends. After that I started hanging out with other women and was suddenly less available to fill that emotional void that she needed. It should be noted that when we were hanging out and other women expressed interest in me that she got pretty jealous and I even found out much later on that she was cockblocking me behind my back. What is it with women that don’t want to sleep with you but don’t want any one else sleeping with you either? After a few weeks of my unavailability she started calling all the time but I was too busy to spend time with her. She finally asked why we don’t hang out any more and I was very blunt. I said “look, you knew how I felt about you and you wanted to be nothing more than friends. I just got sick of being seen as the safe guy with no sex appeal. That doesn’t mean I don’t value your friendship. But I need more than that.” I wasn’t playing any games with her. I wasn’t trying to play her at all. About a week later I ran into her at a bar and she wouldn’t leave me alone all night. She wouldn’t keep her hands off of me. One of her friends told me that she had been talking about me all week and knew I was going to be at this bar with friends that night. And not only that, her friend was hitting on me too. That’s when it finally made sense to me that women want what other women have or what other women want. It’s amazing how often you get hit on by other women when you’re dating.

    And on a side note, I tend to avoid women who like to be one of the guys. That is a big red flag for me. They usually say it’s because they can’t stand all the drama other women cause and that guys are just more laid back and easier to hang out with. But usually they are the ones that cause all the drama. And they can get pretty jealous when other women encroach on their territory. It’s comical.

  201. wayne casey
    3 years ago

    made alot of sense even to the point where i wanted to cringe

  202. Jordan
    3 years ago

    These guys know what they are talking about…

  203. Sam
    3 years ago

    Recently looked into this course, I swear to god it works! It takes a lot of practice but honestly it steps up your game and really works. These guys have the psychology down to an art.

  204. Ben
    3 years ago

    I definitely got fooled with being too available. But she would tell me she was a afraid she couldn’t have children, which is legitimately true. I could not say anything. Plus, she told me she really liked me, and then I started to express my feelings too often because I thought it was safe to. Sometimes, I just don’t realize my emotions are getting the better of me until its too late. I was too interested and there was really no immediate future between the two of us, so she dropped me like a bad habit. I mean there were some other complications, though she felt obligated to apologize, though it was an insincere apology. Basically, I was too nice and too “mean” about her brother breaking up my brother’s relationship. I realize now that in a couple days I was too available, too emotionally expressive.

  205. Dave
    3 years ago

    This is perhaps good advice for American women. Personally, I have no idea why anyone would want an American woman. They are full of themselves, have nothing to offer in a relationship except selfishness, they are usually overweight, masculine, not romantic at all, complacent, not that great looking or sexy…………………… If you like playing games that American women like to play like these guys are talking about, then this is great advice. There is such better women out there, just not from this country. Women of the Far East, the Islands, Latin America, and best of all Eastern Europe are the best by far. There is simply no comparison! They make supermodels look plain! They are sexy, stay in shape, extremely romantic, open and sincere and genuine, smart, educated, fun, funny, family oriented, just plain wonderful!……………My advice is to fit the woman of your personality. Instead of dumbing down to an American woman, smart up to a better woman that values sincere emotions and getting flowers and that kind of thing if that is what you like. From my experience, Western women are a big joke. I have Ukrainian girl now and it is like night and day. She is extremely smart, getting her Masters degree in Psychology. I sent her flowers when we first met and she was blown away because men there just don’t care. I write her with compliments all the time and poems and songs and thoughts and she can’t get enough and genuinely loves to be loved. It’s like finding a real woman for the first time in my life. She is so loving! American women are just complacent and self absorbed and they are all about playing games and having control and competing. It is so idiotic! Women of Eastern Europe are great team players and in a family work in cooperation in a family to achieve a common goal. An American woman completes against the man she is with. If that isn’t the stupidest thing in the world, I don’t know what is. Being with an American woman is like being in hell. Women here just have this “entitled” attitude towards everything. It is so obnoxious! Virtually every man I meet expresses the same feeling about this before I can open my mouth. For the sincere men out there, quit putting yourself through hell, find a real woman!

    I leave this post with the best Russian joke ever…………………………..
    Heaven= Chinese food, American income, British home, Ukrainian wife………..
    Hell= Chinese house, Ukrainian income, British food, American wife

  206. paul
    3 years ago

    yup, I have been guilty of all of these things……….guess I’m a douche bagg at heart…..lol

  207. Vi
    3 years ago

    I like watched this and I was like, wow, like these guys are like, so like smart and articulate that like, they’d you know, be able to like, score right away with any, like woman I know. You know. Like all guys should like, watch this and they’d be like “wow, that’s how you like, do it.” You know.

  208. Chris B
    3 years ago

    This video was quite informative! Thank you, sirs 🙂

  209. CK
    3 years ago

    this is not true fro all women.. I have sent flowers to her job and she loved it.. don’t know how you came up to these conclusions but do some more research..

  210. Gary D.
    3 years ago

    Yep, sent flowers to a girlfriend at work several times. ALWAYS made the relationship worse.

  211. Jo Kelly
    3 years ago

    This video offers advice for boys dealing with girls. If you are an adult man dealing with an adult woman in the modern world, you’d be best to take advice straight from the horse’s mouth, but my guess is, if that is you, you’re not even watching this video. You are instead biting bullet, getting the woman & waving goodbye to the suckers…

    Let me clarify & break it down. Firstly I must reiterate. Yes, this video is perfectly relevant when dealing with young inexperienced & malleable minds. Great! Go for it if that is what you truly want from life. What I am about to write applies to men dealing with women – humans of the adult variety. A man who does not play games is what a modern woman wants, at least many of the women I talk to. Of course every scenario is unique & different. As a general rule, modern women don’t have time to play games. A modern woman is typically too busy building her career or trying to better herself. She has other things on her mind. A modern woman wants a man who supports her goals, not constantly challenges them. The outside world provides enough daily challenge. In return, she will give back and prove she cares by supporting him in his goals. If she takes advantage of you, you may learn that she’s not worthy of your effort. Sure this women was once a girl who enjoyed playing games on a daily basis, but that was some time ago. Now that girl has grown into a woman & she is no longer just playing with toys. This doesn’t mean to say you must cut to the truth of the matter through grandiose displays too soon. Inevitably, however, she will reach a crossroads at which point she will summarize your suitability based on your actions & perhaps even the words you do mutter. This is the point where you must validate her decisions so far, unless of course you decide it is simply too much effort & you’d rather continue chasing school girls. Eventually you will age & either a) return to bachelorhood as a wrinkly old man with a broken heart b) get locked up for pedophilia or c) be forced to deal with an adult woman. Reasons why a woman may turn her nose up at a man who plays games:

    Firstly, liars are not appealing or desirable people. There’s always a chance that a man who plays games may in fact be dishonest at the core. She long ago tired of the mysterious lure of the cold, emotionally unavailable ass. Her biggest life lesson was to avoid embarking on that path again, because that dude actually was ‘an ass’, and she learned the hard way after picking up the pieces. Frequently making yourself unavailable may lead an adult woman to believe this man is someone who perhaps cannot be relied on in the event of an emergency. This approach may backfire in some cases, regardless of a man’s true intention. The modern woman is experienced & acutely aware of each individual’s need for space & time for personal self-development. Without it, nothing can thrive & you will become boring to each other. If she has half a brain in her head & isn’t too socially conditioned, she would never expect a man to be at her beck & call 24/7 or respond immediately at all times, nor should he expect that of her. She’s already knows from experience – no space time kills fantasy. Not to mention all the tasks left unfinished! However, she enjoys having piece of mind, confident in the knowledge that she has someone she may rely on should the circumstances call for it. Men who play the ‘hard to get’ card, may feel like they have the upper hand. This works on girls. For a while, until they grow up & realize what’s really happening & leave – or continue to co-exists in misery. The experienced woman has seen this trick many times before & is simply humoring him until he tires of the game & realizes there is no need to play it. In fact, games can backfire & sometimes do more harm than good. If a man does not confess how he feels at some point in the game, the possibility that he is simply using her or views her as a trophy to prop himself up remains open in her mind. She may tire of the game. She wants him to be manly. Stand up & take what she is giving him a free run at, before another man swoops in & steals it from underneath him while he’s not looking. It only takes one who recognizes & identifies her real need for what it is. After all, other men interpret her status as single if she herself is unsure of her desired man’s true intention or value system. She can only go so long basing her decision exclusively on her intuition, particularly when verbal evidence, or lack of, may suggest ideas to the contrary. She ponders whether it would be a safer bet to recommence advertising on the market. After all the current trial period will end at some point. A man might consider coughing up a small down-payment as a gesture to imply that at some stage he may be interested in purchasing the full product & accessing all features. If this is not the case, he must prepare to recommence his search for a new product offering a fresh trial period. But will he ever know how it feels to access all features if he’s a trial period hopper? Not to mention constant effort. Constant thrills perhaps. Until you wake up & realize your soul ran astray. If a man plays hard to get because he feels it will win him a woman, he must ask himself: how often will she keep calling? Am I prepared to continue to take such risks. What is it to stop her from calling a guy who will respond to her call or be there in the event of that emergency? Women enjoy being desired. If you want to see a woman smile, humor her and tell her that hearing from her makes your day. If you really like her, there is no reason to play games. Just tell her how you truly feel. It’s not in her interest to castrate you, if that’s what you fear, for that will take away the manliness she desires. If she is that ‘type’ of woman, she is clearly plodding through life unconsciously destroying the very thing she loves & is not going to be worth your effort. At least the truth before it becomes too late! If a man has been castrated, the manly thing to do would be to stand up to the woman & express truth. Truth cuts through & cannot be argued with. She will promptly be forced to reconsider her actions if you make her accountable through use of truth & reason. It may not even be the outcome you envisage. But it will most likely be the best outcome. If she refuses or is simply incapable of acknowledging or understanding her behavior then she isn’t worth reeling in. Truth acts as a lighthouse. Murky waters become clearly visible to the eye.

    Secondly, the modern woman wants to know if you’re intention is genuine before she invests anymore of her time & energy, particularly if on the surface she appears to be the only one making moves. Why should she have to keep second guessing her feeling? What a way to dampen her dreamy state & adoration for you. Should she waste her time chasing something that may not even be there? A man who says he wants you is better than one who says maybe. If a woman does not want to play your game can you really blame her? Put yourself in the woman’s position: do you like being toyed with? Once bitten, twice shy. Bitten more than once? Outright defensive & certainly not about to declare her love from the rooftops, if she feels like it’s a one way street that led to this crossroad. You’d be best to encourage, not discourage & she’ll love you tenfold for restoring her faith.

    Thirdly, every person regardless of sex wants to be the first choice. If one party is playing games, the other party may be forced to wonder if they are really the first choice, regardless of each party’s true intention or motivation. Perhaps he is just keeping you around until something better comes along. This is not how a women wants to be treated, like a consolation prize. She’d rather go without or become a lesbian. If you want to give a woman what she wants, then you will not play games with her. Of course this doesn’t mean appearing too eager at all times, but you get what you give & if it’s not working like that, then it’s simply not going to work. This is what separates the men from the boys in a woman’s mind. The truth will work out better in the long run & the man stands to benefit greatly from being honest, as she will be more open, truthful & free in her expression with him. If you are straightforward & honest about how you really feel, only then will she feel it is safe enough to continue to invest of herself. Anything else is far too great a risk to take, not to mention a giant waste of time. This is not to say she believes men & women should keep a leash on each other. No way! That is BS. I’m simply talking about truth, respect & common decency. Why would you wanna beat someone down to make yourself feel better? They will become nothing but a mere puppet. Unless of course that really is part of your grand plan. Great tactic for power freaks stepping on heads to reach the top. Just remember every head you step on is one more time someone steps on your head – as they surpass you. I can tell you from personal experience, the view isn’t all that great up there.
    Agreed about the flowers, yes. Only I take this as a sign he’s cheating & feels guilty. And the dude outside the window? I didn’t care for that in my 20’s. I would kill to have that happen to me in my 30’s & not because the biological clock ticks, but simply because I’m done with time wasters, seeing the trail of destruction they leave. The only dude who stands out in my mind looking back was the sweet guy crying on my doorstep. Because I realize now, he was the only one who truly loved me. I have more important objectives in life these days. And I guess boys, if a ‘wet vagina’ is all you seek, don’t let any girls watch this video. A sure fire way to make a woman’s vagina dry up. She simply wants to know whether her feelings are reciprocated or not, before she continues to invest time or effort. The key is – be an interesting person. Spend your time honing your life skills, strengths, sweetness, or charm – whatever it is that is really attracting her to you in the first place. If she’s a half decent catch, chances are she will see through the child’s play 😉

  212. Doux
    3 years ago

    Yes!!! A woman’s perspective…..Most of “us” wouldn’t admitt it……You guy are dead on! Make us work for it! The challenge/competeing for attention drives us to try to impress you! That’s what we thrive on. Impressing the guy we want. It makes us feel wanted and important. We love that. Ladies…. You know it’s true. Women want to feel wanted/needed. It’s ok. Gues what? We want in your pants even more when we think there is a possibilty we might not get it. Keep up the good work guys.

  213. tman33
    3 years ago

    so far good stuff will try the advice and see what happens thanks

  214. manny
    3 years ago

    Holy shit you are right lol great video

  215. The Blackwolf
    3 years ago

    All of you saying “Wow, you guys are right ” need to understand something: all women are different. These do not apply to all women. I know a lot of girls who would love flowers at work. Hell I just did it myself 3 weeks ago for the first time and she loved them! Now I agree the 2nd one we should be weary of. The thing is you also cannot wait too long to confess your fealings for her either. The last one, well that all depends on the type of lady. I dated a woman who has needed a lot of attention who wished I was more available, and then I have dated a woman who is a single mother and works full time (as well as I do) so our availability was scarce during the week so we savored the time we had together. All women are different gentlemen. It’s best to look at things like these as guidelines and not actual rules or else you’ll pretty much always be in the “friend zone”. Always remember that you can never figure out women and you’ll do just fine.

  216. The Heff
    3 years ago

    its honestly as simple as being a dick to them.

  217. Kenny
    3 years ago

    Simplistic geniuses wow !

  218. Anthony
    3 years ago

    Makes sense ta me. I’ve been outa the game for too long. Thanks fellas!

  219. skinnyman
    3 years ago

    Best way to get a woman is to act uninterested in their presence yet showing interest through actions. Don’t send flowers unless she’s your gf. Give her space, and have other women to talk to. This way you might forget about her a bit and she’ll come running back.

    Take this advice from a guy that went from the biggest loser to making every woman he encounters go insane.

  220. Michael Lockhart
    3 years ago


  221. Jason
    3 years ago

    #3 Is my biggest flaw thanks for calling it out

  222. aabbs
    3 years ago

    Agree 100% that giving gifts does not work. Gave a girl some incense thinking she would be well on me after that, I never saw her again.

    As for John Cusak films, with all due respect, George Clooney in Dusk till Dawn was the MAN, Robert Deniro in Godfather, James Bond, Don Draper from Mad Men, these are proper Men. I wish I could be like them.

    Anyway my main problem is how to convey that i want 2 bang a girl but without making her uncomfortable.

    Im sure I can get a girlfriend easily, but she wouldnt be the quality I like. If I have a Girlfriend, I will share certain parts of me with her (not all of me, that will never happen) so she has to be worth it.

    Also I get alot of emotional pains, which is paralysing frankly. I dont know if it will ever go away. Some days i forget and then it will come back at the most unwanted moments. It lasts sometimes a second, sometimes an hour, sometimes a week.

    Fuck it man, Im sure it serves some purpose but I dont know what yet.

  223. Jessica
    3 years ago

    A lot of guys need to watch this video. U guys did a good job. That’s so true a women does want that in a guy they probably wouldn’t admit it but so true.

  224. JP
    3 years ago

    Great video and yes… THAT quote was on point! Thanks

  225. Cesar
    3 years ago

    DAMN all my life i lived a lie… it is just a minute since i felt that i have waken up from this dream. All my life i had been doing exactly the contrary to this video. I plead Guilty to all these.

  226. Tony
    3 years ago

    Really dude women are just like men there is no secret just be yourself and talk to them like you would anyone else. treat them with respect and if it works great if not move on! they dont always wanna be hit on .

  227. Peter
    3 years ago

    Why didn’t i see this Last week.
    I have made all 3 mistakes in ! swoop.

  228. james
    3 years ago

    Good rules to follow

  229. James
    3 years ago

    Well I laughed threw out this video. Woman are not that black and white. there is no golden rule or guidelines to getting better results with woman. The moment you think you know woman as a whole you have already lost, and if you bought there video I am so sorry for you. Just get confident and buy them a drink. eventually you will meet someone that finds you interesting.

  230. Bill
    3 years ago

    Thanks. It was a nice video.

  231. John Doe
    3 years ago

    These are all good tips and whatnot but this is what any man with a brain should figure out about themselves and their approach towards women after failing once or twice. Its kinda common sense and a lot of you people commenting are acting like they solved something difficult. Open your eyes and assess yourself when things stop working.

  232. carl
    3 years ago

    i once hooked an ‘unnatainable’ beauty whilst on holiday. Why? Because she was so used to guys trying to score her. You talk to a girl like that over a few drinks – then leave her alone afterwards, it wrong-foots them. What these guys say is true – and it works. (Then once they HAVE got you, they lose interest, but by then you’ve got memories for life…)

  233. Mike landrum
    3 years ago

    I learned most of this the hard way over the years …Good info guys !!

  234. walt
    3 years ago

    great advice guys

  235. Tyler
    3 years ago

    This video is pretty on point….especially talking about putting your own priorities above her. When I was in high school, I didn’t have much going on. Now, I have a band and a music career I’m pursuing, a full time sales job, school, and I’m passionate about these things…It’s not that I’m acting like girls aren’t my first priority…it’s that they actually aren’t. I focus on being the best me possible, and in turn, more girls are interested than they ever have been, and I don’t wake up every day going “why can’t I get a girlfriend?!” and crying myself into a coma, like I did in high school.

  236. David
    3 years ago

    yh that vidieo helps a lot thanks guys

  237. Mike
    3 years ago

    Hey, Im only 17 and i have made all of those mistakes. Just watched the video and realized im already working around it with a girl i am currently seeing. i guess as you get older and go through more failed relationships and get friendzoned more often you realize what your doing wrong. Thanks for the video guys! Keep up the good work and keep the videos comming. very helpful

  238. JP
    3 years ago

    This is what I got from the video:
    Tip 1: Be a dick
    Tip 2: Act like you don’t care
    Tip 3: Suck at color keying.

    Thanks guys

  239. bob
    3 years ago

    I think we should report these two people to the police, could be 2 mass shooters, seem to be big dorks and never had a date EVER!!!!!! anyone who commented that this is useful please contact anyone in your life for help…. Your Life must suck….. Serious if you think these two buster dorks are a source of info PLEASE contact your closest friend for help…… I would love to see how ugly their dates could possibly be

    • Trey
      3 years ago

      Hey bob

      i’m gonna cut these guys some slack… I did a little research on the both of them…

      that is bobby’s wife. And the other guy (the skinny one) i’ve heard from A LOT of people is one of the best guys out there in terms of pulling girls.

      Both these guys have been teaching this stuff for 6-7 years online, and both of them have VERY GOOD reputations.


  240. Big Dumb Lug
    3 years ago

    This video is the truth… And you know the worst of it?
    NO GIRL is so nice that they won’t treat you this way.

    My last girlfriend seemed so sweet, caring and kind hearted I was certain that this time I didn’t have to play any games and could open my heart and finally have it appreciated.


    Held her hand, told her I loved her and I’d do anything to make her happy.
    3 weeks later… I’m out in the cold.

  241. Kelsi Judon  
    3 years ago

    great site love the content

  242. kris
    3 years ago

    that dude has too many teeth in his mouth.

  243. greg
    3 years ago

    Heaps of people are saying this is to long. Anyone who doesn’t have the patience to watch a practically short video that will help you, definitely will not have the patience to get with the girl they want to. You guys are they text back in 2 minutes group, which in my opinion is the fastest way for someone to lose interest.

  244. azaE
    3 years ago

    grand gestures, can work, depending on personality and background leading up to gesture, agree with the confessing too soon , and anyway why should guys make the first move? talking of cliche….as for complimenting they tended to think i was flirting …i didnt even mean to lol…this does not promote abstaining lol, there are reasons for players, to get experience, but not the drama of it

  245. almo
    3 years ago

    first a coffee date ina public place ,keep them talking show interest in what they say.
    wear nice cloths
    be yourself
    watch the body language, but don’t give up if its negative, keep them talking be charming,
    shortly after the date send a text giving them a compliment ask for a second date …
    next day send flowers to their work (multi colored works well )
    be confident and funny oh yeah a small amount of chocolate goes a long way too
    enjoy the ride

  246. tarzan
    3 years ago

    girls like assholes. period.

  247. Jeff Crownwell
    3 years ago

    This is so easy to get the girl you want when you go at the right place and of course you want something serious….NOT just to fool around get 1 for one night! girls wish to find a nice and funny guy that Love good music, doesn’t use or pay attention to STUPID jokes…a guy with class without a huge ego…someone who can do both talking and listening….someone who let her be comfortable and doesn’t feel any rush…someone you can show that you know what you want in your life…be the man she’s looking for without telling her but showing her…all a guy needs to know is to be confident and be the best….