3 Secrets Women Want Men to Know

By Kate Swallow
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I‘m tired of guys saying “women are so hard to figure out.”


You’re just clueless.

So, I’m going to do you a favor and let you in on a few secrets.

1. We like sex, duh

Have you ever seen the cover of Cosmo magazine? Almost every article in it is about SEX!

You know what we talk about when we’re out with the girls?

You guessed it. SEX.

While guys are reading spy novels or science fiction do you know what we’re reading?

Erotic fiction and romance novels. Books designed to get us horny.

Still don’t think we like sex?

You know how many vibrators and sex toys are sold each year?  15 billion dollars worth.

Who do you think buys most of this stuff?


So yea, we like sex A LOT.

2. Boring “small talk” doesn’t turn us on

Why do guys spend an entire date talking about “where we grew up” or “how many siblings do we have” and then expect us to be turned on?

Talking about our job, our grandmother, where we went to college, or even what we do for fun doesn’t make us horny. It makes us bored, and it makes YOU just like every other guy we’ve dated.

Its funny because most guys present themselves as being cool… yet, once you start talking to them it feels like you’re having a conversation with Mr. Rogers.

If you walk on eggshells around us, scared to say anything that might be vaguely sexual… don’t complain when you wind up in the friend zone.

3. Our imagination makes us horny

For a guy to get turned on he needs to have something hot to look at. Put a pair of breasts in front of him and he’s usually ready to go. We’re NOT like that at all. Looks aren’t nearly as important to us.

Have you ever heard the saying that the way to a woman’s body is through her mind?

Men look at porno magazines to get sexually aroused.

Our imagination turns us on. Did you ever wonder why 50 Shades of Grey sold over 100 million copies? Its because it holds our imagination hostage and forces us to think about sex… to become uncontrollable horny.

And we like that feeling:)

Do you know what is interesting? The book doesn’t have one single picture in it.

Its only weapon is words.

The right “words” can be very powerful in getting us physically turned on.

Just words.

What type of words trigger sexual thoughts?

On the next page I’ll show you how you can use 66 “innocent words” you can slip into any conversation and instantly make a girl horny.

==> 66 Words Proven to Make Her Horny

To her, and anyone else listening, it’ll seem like a normal, innocent conversation. She’ll have no idea what you’re up to… only that she can’t get her wild sexual thoughts about you to stop…

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